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Smartest thing Ive ever heard

Posted in Staying quit 26 Feb 2021

A respected friend came up to me while playing pool and said"Hi...I see your still know, Ive been hearing some really cool stories and great things about smoking lately, and even thinking about buying a pack and start smoking too. I immediately knew I was done smoking. After 30 years smoking every day. Just done. Over it. I keep replaying the dumb look on his face and his voice when telling me how he might start smoking too. Im going to do this to someone I love, or to someone I dont know, and hope it hits home for them the way it did for me. My teeth are whiter, my skin looks amazing, and I smell like clean laundry all the time. I can breathe easily and dont cough after eating. I feel incredible and its been just over a smoking. Never again. Thank you Larry. Youve saved my life. I can not repay you.

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