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Posted in Hints and tips 26 Feb 2021
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I am glad my test posted, so I will try again.

We have been brainwashed for years.

We are not weak willed. We were so determined to teach ourselves to smoke despite the foul taste and gagging. We were told it was bad , unhealthy, but not ADDICTIVE. And if that was mentioned, we were young and it tasted so "Yuck" that was hard to believe. We just wanted to present a new image and fit in with our friends.

Later, we made excuses to save face. We had been warned.

We finally admit that we are getting hooked and try to stop only to find truth that it is hard. Who wants to have these horrid cravings for 20 years? Again, we did not understand what a "craving" is. Just a thought, and after 20 years a distant memory, even if the memory evolked a pleasant thought. it in no way had them climbing the walls in search of a cigarette to light up. THAT would be FOOLISH.

Smoking gave us nothing. NOTHING!

We thought it helped when we were low. We reached for it when happy. We made excuses to reach for it. Stress, Confidence , fitting into a social environment , boredom and whatever EXCUSE we could make to rationalize our behaviour and to save face. And so we continued and strengthened the lies for the next generation.

When we can stop and admit that we are ADDICTS and learn that the addiction can be beaten there is hope. We are still afraid of the past experience of cravings when we tried to quit. But KNOWLEDGE AND TRUTH IS YOUR KEY TO FREEDOM.

It amazes me that not everyone has read the FREE e-book to ALLAN CARR that I once provided. Why torture yourselves unnecessarily? Today I am providing a link to a video to a video that should be of immense help to those who won't take the time to read. Or perhaps you need to suffer to demonstrate that you had reason to believe the brainwashing.

I found that QUITTING SMOKING CAN BE EASY. Cravings from withdrawal from nicotine are barely perceptible. . The habit for psychological part is harder to break. However when we change our perception and embrace the truth we can move on happily in our lives without smoking. There is nothing to FEAR but FEAR itself.

EMBRACE more than you ever realized was possible. We can quit smoking and we can even quit the EASY WAY

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  • Ceel's, Hunter New England March 02, 2021 | 12:33
    Thank you for this. I will definitely watch this. I have read one of Allen Carr's books before on quitting smoking.

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