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five months since my last smoke

Posted in Quit experiences 21 Feb 2021

It's 156 days today since I had my last smoke. There are few days in a week now that I don't even remember about smoking. I feel great. I feel confident about myself. Am able to spend more time with my family. Though I feel my breathing is not completely back to normal there is a tremendous improvement. It's been about 25 days since I had my last drink now. Need to work on reducing my weight. I have gained a lot of it when I was living an ignorant life. Hope by the end of this year I should be in good physical and mental shape. When we smoke and drink we don't realize how many good things in life we are missing. I hope no one starts at all!

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  • softly40 , Mid North Coast February 22, 2021 | 8:02
    I must congratulate you Partha, not only for the 5months free from smoking, but for your whole outlook on life and your participation in it. You have steadily turned your life around for the good, and you seem so happy to have achieved this.

    We are complex human beings but we are so resiliant in many ways. I think if you slow down the drinking it will effect your weight to a degree, the difference now, is that you have the money to choose foods, which will effect your health for the better.

    We are all on a learning curve Partha, so congratulations
  • Happiness February 22, 2021 | 10:51
    Once we realize that we CAN make positive changes in our life and benefit from them rather than worry that we might be missing out on something if we give up the old ways, we can embrace the better choices and excel in many aspects of our lives. Good Job.!

    Positive thoughts will bring about positive change.

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