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Dave Brown

21 weeks smoke free

Posted in Staying quit 15 Feb 2021

Hi team,

How is everyone? I just ticked over 21 weeks off the darts and I thought I'd drop in to see how everyone is doing and hopefully let my story show that if can do it you all can!

Stay strong, would be good to hear how you all are going, especially those who helped me out in the first few weeks!

Reach out if you want to chat.

Take care


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  • softly40 , Mid North Coast February 16, 2021 | 8:12
    Hi Dave, such a great milestone for you. I hope your health has improved to an acceptable level. I have been over 2 years smoke free now and it has been an enlightening journey for myself. We have lots of people who are coming onto the forum now, and your post keeps people motivated to continue. Thanks for coming by, and post whenever you want. Congratulations on 21 weeks well done.
  • Mia88 , Hunter New England February 16, 2021 | 9:31
    Hi dave, thats fantastic! feel very proud of that milestone, I currently am on 4 weeks now as of yesterday but i currently take champix as i tried cold turkey and couldn't do it but i cut down to 1 tablet a morning as it is better for me and doesn't make me feel sick. I still have the slight urges in the back of my head but not enough to want to go and buy a pack i've been feeling a bit more hopeful and positive since i have stopped and don't feel as irritable as i once did when i smoked which im really liking alot! I still have up and down days but that is normal and i know it's ME that's helping not to not just the tablet, the tablet is stopping the cravings but thats all it's doing i try and keep my mind on other things and keep busy as well its when the champix has finished that'll be the real test but from the help of people here and support i have at home i know i can do it this time and i believe in myself. But yeah alot of you guys really motivate me to keep going! Well done dave! "NOPE not one puff ever"
  • Happiness February 16, 2021 | 9:41
    Hi Dave. It is great to hear you are still enjoying your freedom. Nice to reinforce your commitment from time to time and to help encourage others in doing so. Don't be a stranger my friend.
  • Normm , South Eastern Sydney February 19, 2021 | 22:30
    Seven weeks today for me Dave and I'm doing fine. Was on NRT for the first three weeks but found I didn't need the patches so stopped using them. Life is good 😊

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