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Be firm in your decision

Posted in Staying quit 13 Feb 2021

At the beginning, you are climbing Everest. But remember when climbing a mountain, the air becomes less concentrated and your breathing becomes more important. With this mountain, your breathing becomes better. You need to remember this as every positive needs to be acknowledged. Know that with every attempt you will become more firmer in your decision and success will eventually be yours. This is called being determined. Having a reason to keep trying is called motivation. My smoking equation is as follows; MOTIVATION + DETERMINATION = SUCCESS

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  • Happiness February 14, 2021 | 7:19

    When we find additional reasons to strive to reach the goal it becomes easier. When we believe that we can follow the footsteps to the end just like all the others, we do When we reach the top of that mountain we can look around at all the beauty around us. We can reflect on our power and take pride. that we climbed out of that cesspool of tar and nicotine that that would pull us under one day. . Celebrate your freedom everyday and remember N>O>P>E.

    Congratulations and thank you for sharing your journey to SUCCESS.

  • softly40, Mid North Coast February 14, 2021 | 8:11
    Great Post TWS and a good response Happiness, My reasons changed throughout the time, I had many reasons and loads of determination, this led to success for me.

    MAINTENANCE, embraced the POSITIVES and brought me a BELIEF in myself, this belief ENABLED me to keep NOPE (not one puff ever) fixed firmly into my radar.

    This forum has given me different reasons, and knowledge about myself and others along the way.

    I have seen the beauty many times and glimpsed the precious moments in my life and the lives of others, this has given me GRATITUDE for being able to change and grow as I go along.

    I liken my approach to TRAVEL on the sea, sometimes even keeled sometimes stormy weather, but always flowing and refreshing, and boyant enough to keep me afloat when I need to stop and look around me.

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