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Picked up some nicotine patches

Posted in Hints and tips 11 Feb 2021
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I was craving them so much it was like a hallucinary experience for me to get at them again. My Mom got me some patches to really do the trick and make it all go away once I made my mind up: no more of it!

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  • Happiness February 12, 2021 | 0:36
    Hi Rebecca. I hope life is treating you well. You have grown so much since joining us a couple years ago.

    I feel that it is such a shame for you to be going backwards at this time. Life isn't always as smooth as we would hope it to be, but you and I both know that smoking will not help. Try to recapture the feelings you felt when you first realized that you could be free of them, how proud you were of yourself and how much better you felt physically and even mentally thinking about your future. Remember how much it took from you. How opportunities were lost and what pain it inflicted on your family. There love and concern is what you need to fall back on in your time of need.

    I am proud of you for regaining your balance after the last slip up , and how you have made better life choices all around. Your family must be very proud of you! Just remember that any form of nicotine is still nicotine and highly addictive. You are over the addiction of nicotine, are you sure you want to do it again?

    I imagine that you have slapped one on already and given your other health issues it might be best. You can talk to your doctor, I know you trust him and he treats you with respect. Have you been reading our stories and keeping the motivation to stay quit? It is understandable that you are busy with your new life and love so you are forgiven if you have not. Perhaps checking in more often in the future might be beneficial Rebecca. Yes I read all of your back posts again, because I care. As difficult as your life has been, things do change. One door closes and another opens.
    Sometime we can control things and sometimes we cannot, but you do have the choice to think POSITIVE.

    You CAN quit smoking. You can be free of NICOTINE. You have overcome obstacles in your life before and you will now. BELIEVE.

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