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So far so good...

Posted in Quit experiences 08 Feb 2021

Hello beautiful community! I have been stalking you for years and although I have had periods were I quit in the past I always went back to smoking. I thought I would try a different method this time because things never seemed to work out before. Yesterday was day 1 of being free from cigarettes. Yay!! I'm doing great, so far so good. I have a pack of cigarettes in my kitchen drawer that I can smoke anytime but I choose not to. I got this tip from Red on this website and Rocky Rosen the cigarette whisperer. I think part of the allure of cigarettes is not having them and craving what you don't have. The other thing I'm doing differently this time is posting on here instead of just reading other people's posts. Thank you all very much for sharing your stories and experiences, it's one of the reasons I kept trying to quit, knowing there was a community out there that would support me. I'm also currently reading 2 books Quit Smoking & Be Happy by Christopher Skoyles and The Smoking Cure How to Quit Smoking Without Feeling Like Sh*t by Caroline Cranshaw. Fun fact from Caroline's book: "However, don't be fooled by the payoffs that nicotine can give. It is more deadly than arsenic and strychnine." She goes on to give the lethal dosages for each for a 68 kg adult lethal dosage of nicotine 60 mg; lethal dosage of strychnine is 200 mg; lethal dosage of arsenic 200 mg. Wow! I felt I was poisoning myself too, on days when I didn't eat much and just smoked a lot all day, I would start feeling sick and coughing knowing full well I was poisoning myself. F*ck that! Here I am, I'm going to take it one day at a time. Thank you all very much for inspiring me all these years!

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  • Red-67 February 08, 2021 | 5:05
    Allowing ourself to see the truth beyond the smoke fix, will help make them easier to just not want. An otherwise intelligent person, will waste money, time, and their health, to remain a slave to a little tube of tobacco.. But, like I have said many times, SMOKING MAKES YOU STUPID .. :)
    Many, if not most, say get rid of everything. I knew, for me anyway, as a long time smoker, that would not work. I had to make the choice to not want it. So, I went out, had my coffee, or stiff drink, with them right next to my chair. I was not being deprived of them. I allowed myself to really see what it was, to be adicted to smoking. I never saw it that way before. I THOUGHT I smoked because I liked it and wanted to, but that's how it works. Once my thought process changed, I could no longer be a smoker, and quitting was easy :) You can do this. They are right there, in that drawer. You simply do NOT WANT one. The freedom is wonderful :)
  • Princess Mononoke February 08, 2021 | 5:48
    Red! Thank you so much for all your words of wisdom, insight and experience on this site! I have actually printed out your quote about smoking making you stupid and been carrying it around with me for years. Yes, you're absolutely right I don't want one, that's the switch that had to happen in my mind. I'm already enjoying the benefits of being smoke free and it's only day 2! My skin looks more beautiful, breathing deeply feels sensual, I'm more productive, and my body is doing a happy dance!! Any withdrawal that I am experiencing I welcome because I know that is my body detoxing the poison from my system. Thanks again, Red!!
  • Red-67 February 08, 2021 | 7:40
    LOL,, You go girl :)
    Sure, there will be discomfort, but you can accept it like being sick, flu, etc.. Know it will pass, and don't make it a craving.. Make this your one, and only, successful QUIT
  • Happiness February 08, 2021 | 9:56
    Hi and Welcome PrincessMo. I hope that by coming forward and making your presence known that perhaps you feel more accountable to make this the real deal. Past quits are practice and helpful in letting you get to know you. You found out that CHOOSING to quit, and having them nearby is psychologically helpful. You choose to not have one. I still have some stashed in drawer. I had bought cartons before I quit but they are there for my roommate if she is Too stale to sell now i think! I think this time, you have made the commitment to yourself as well as this community. You can quit smoking for good. You and ready and educated. You are not Stupid! Believe in yourself and you can break the cycle, the addiction. (Yes, I had and still have a smoker in the house and have not pressured her to quit, as we know, you have to WANT to)
  • Princess Mononoke February 09, 2021 | 7:28
    Thanks Happiness and Red! Today is day 3 and so far so good. I'm trying to fall in love with my new nonsmoking persona.
  • New chapter February 09, 2021 | 9:24
    Great attitude Princess,the great feeling that stopping smoking now is an amazing feeling when you see the changes in your skin,taste,smell etc,but as time goes by ,the feeling of pride ,feeling healthier,knowing your taking back control of your life is undiscribable until you experience it,but when you do, you feel like you can conquer the world,keep up the great positive outlook princess,because when you move on down the line smashing nicotine out of the park,you will become queen😀keep going your doing great
  • Princess Mononoke February 10, 2021 | 3:56
    Eeeee!! Thank you so much New Chapter for your kind words of encouragement!! You're so right it's about taking back control over you life that's so exhilarating! Like if I can do this if I set my mind to it, then the possibilities are endless, aren't they?
  • New chapter February 10, 2021 | 5:49
    You bet they are princess!😀
  • Time2Bfree February 10, 2021 | 13:19
    Well done! I am on day 20 without the cigs. For the first 10 days or I had a packet of cigarettes on top of the fridge 'just in case'. In previous attempts I had got rid of everything, but somehow knowing there was nothing in the house made it worse. Also quit attempts were put off because I still had cigs left in the packet. Deciding instead to put the half empty packet on the fridge reinforced that I was making a choice not to smoke. Strangely it helped to make me feel less powerless. After 10 days I broke them up and put them in the bin and it was kind of good to have a it of a ritual and to say goodbye somehow. Anywhoo, it seemed to work for me this time. Here's hoping this is the last time I quit. Good luck and well done!
  • Robn February 13, 2021 | 10:05
    Hi Princess, you are doing great..your mindset is in the right place and that is the biggest advantage. Red has great advice and he helped me to open my eyes after countless quit attempts. It isn’t rocket can be easy or hard, we just have to choose. After over 40+ years of smoking. I am just over 3 years quit and it still astounds me how stupid smoking makes you...why anyone would not only poison themselves everyday, and pay a fortune to do it. Stay strong and focused
  • Princess Mononoke February 16, 2021 | 7:40
    Thanks Y'all! It's day 10 for me today, I had a hard time this morning thinking about having a cigarette but I got out of the house and kept myself busy. Now I feel better. I kept repeating the following mantra: 1. smoking is poison for my body 2. I need my body to live 3. I owe myself that respect, protection and consideration. Hope it helps someone else too.

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