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Posted in Getting started 07 Feb 2021

Hello. Im new here but not new to trying to quit. I have made many attempts. Im Allergic to the patch. I just picked up chantix yesterday and nextweekend is my quit date. Im 48 yrs old and have been smoking since 11. I am also a cancer survivor and desperately need to quit. Any tips to help would be great. Those of you on chantix,how is it working for you?

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  • Happiness February 09, 2021 | 8:07
    Hi Mia. Champix has been known to alter moods, cause depression and even suicide. Keep tabs on extreme mood changes , although I am sure most people are fine. I know I felt spaced out years ago when I tried Zyban, and couldn't remember orders, not good for a waitress. These are drugs and can affect people differently. You can quit smoking. Stick with us and learn the mindset. You will truly be glad that you did.
  • Mia88, Hunter New England February 08, 2021 | 8:26
    hi everyone. been reading all the stories and comments and it makes me positive and hopeful! i started taking champix on the 14th jan. 3 weeks smoke free so far! i did try months ago cold turkey i did okay but then i slipped and went back to smoking. This time im determined i don't want to anymore its costly and its bad for me, I have to stop taking the night champix to it was making me feel a bit sick and also i had bad dreams at the start which i wasn't a fan, So i take my 1 tablet during the day after i've eaten, But what i've noticed and also my mum noticed was i seem like im in another world or something and thats how my mood feels at times is that normal? and also slight headaches which i know can be a symptom, i have another doc appointment booked on 10th to get another prescription for it because i want to do the 24 weeks.. But i also try to find ways to cope as well but some days feel alright then others i feel irritable or sad and stuff and i think thats just the tablet but the feeling like your on another planet im not a fan of much, Do you guys have any advice?? thanks! and fantastic job on all being smoke free you make me wanna keep pushing which i am, everytime i look at the app and see how much money i've saved and everything it amazes me and keeps me going!
  • softly40, Mid North Coast February 08, 2021 | 7:21
    Welcome Toni, I was on Champix, after a few attempts. The strongest brain change for me was NOPE (not one puff ever). This has kept me on the right path at last. Champix does alter the brain and helps you overcome the first months of withdrawal. This medication is not for everyone, and you should be under the supervision of your Doctor, because it is on Script with no repeats.

    I had to drop a dose, because the evening dose caused nightmares, but it still worked for me, with the Mantra NOPE and the change of reasoning in my approach as mentioned above. Some others have taken their evening dose with their last dinner and it appears to help with sleeping. You will need to make a date to quit the medication, so please practice NOPE and research the drug Nicotine. Make this your last attempt you can do it.
  • Happiness February 08, 2021 | 0:51
    When you realize that the cigarette only made you feel good because it ended what caused the discomfort....the craving will decide to end the relentless never ending cycle. When you realize that you are an addict....that you were drugged and duped into believing it was socially acceptable to be one.....tobacco companies and government who raked in your hard earned dollars loved having the control over you and having you hand over the dough without question.

    Read our stories. Learn the desire to quit which is the step after breaking the nicotine addiction itself. Look forward to the quit, do not apprehensive. It is the best thing you will ever do for yourself. Know you are not alone here. Nor are you special. We didn't think we could quit either, but here we are.

    Checking in with us after years, also reinforces your quit and is an opportunity to help others.

    Champix, like any other quit smoking is an effective aid, used in conjuction with counselling (when you read the fine print). It helps to get less enjoyment from smoking by shutting down certain brain sensors. Learning to live without reaching for a smoke, undoing all the brainwashing we came to believe, is the part that you must learn to truly we free of the control the smoking habit has over you. You can use willpower, or learn the mindset which needs no power, no debate, no conflicting emotions or fighting. Learn the desire. Love being a non-smoker. We do.
  • Robn February 07, 2021 | 10:30
    Hi Toniejean
    Congrats on your quit journey. The best thing I can suggest is getting your mindset right. Teach yourself to hate the cigarette, really hate it. Put the blame for failed attempts, addiction to nicotine etc back on to the cigarette. Once you can really see it for what it is and hate it, you will not crave or want ever. We tend to think of it in good terms, it relaxed me, I enjoyed it did none of those simply kept you addicted. While you are waiting for your quit date...while having a smoke really concentrate on what you are doing, ask yourself honestly does it taste good, what is it relaxing you, are you enjoying it. If you can change how you feel about them...the rest will come much more easily. You are stronger than this addiction.....believe in yourself.

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