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Quitting Around Other Smokers

Posted in Getting started 05 Feb 2021

How does one Quit when you live with other smokers?

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  • Robn February 06, 2021 | 11:42
    Hi Radar, advice above is spot on. This is your desire and you will succeed if you truly desire to be free. Watch them there anything there that you want?
    Do they really look like they are enjoying themselves? Enjoying it is an illusion...they are there is nothing there to want, crave or desire. Keep going on YOUR path and they just might decide to hop on board.
  • Happiness February 06, 2021 | 0:32
    Hi RadarSpaceTrucker.

    Just as no one could make you quit, it has to be something that you want. It is you quitting, not they. I should hope that they would be supportive and do what they can to make things easier for you.

    I quit and my partner smoked next to me (indoors) at my insistence. Had it bothered me, he would have left to have a smoke elsewhere. With several smokers that might not be so easy, but retreating to a private room might be a possibility. Accept that it is your choice, that you cannot control others but that you can control nicotine addiction.

    Change your way of thinking. Desire the freedom from the dictatorship of nicotine. Look at the others and think that they may also inherit the believe that they too can quit . My husband and daughter both quit too! They want to quit too, as most smokers do, but don't believe that they can. We know differently.

    Read our stories, learn all the benefits and most of all learn the mindset. Once past the 72 hours of ridding the body of most nicotine is the psychological phase. Keep occupied. When thoughts to smoke come, turn your thoughts elsewhere. Drink water, breath deep breaths, lower caffeine intake by half and most of all be happy and very pleased with your decision to quit smoking. There is no better gift that you can give yourself and loved ones. You are missing nothing.....smoking gave you nothing, it stole from you.

    You are making steps towards freedom, control, health, wealth and happiness. BELIEVE. Have you ever met someone who wished they smoked?

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