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My First Day using NRT again after 2 months

Posted in Getting started 31 Jan 2021

30th January 2021

I’m 20 years old and I’ve been smoking solidly since I was 17. I was going onto my 4th year that I started smoking. Smoking now is getting really expensive and I want to start saving more money and living a healthy lifestyle for my family, friends and especially myself. I’ve had a lot of support over the past year of trying to quit. This is now my second attempt and my girlfriend has helped me massively to get me to this point. I stopped smoking for over a month back in September but I ended up crumbling and fell back into smoking because I got super stressed out. And now I want to do the right thing by giving it up again for good this time.

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  • softly40, Mid North Coast February 01, 2021 | 7:55
    Welcome Aidos, I am so glad you got back on yor horse, its a great start. Nicotine is a drug that is harmful to our bodies and our minds, it draws us in so that we get back onto the treadmill, instead of our horse.

    You might like to start with researching this whilst doing some meditation, which can help enormously when you are under stress, this along with NOPE (not one puff ever) is a recipe for success. Give yourself and your girlfriend the reward you both want.
  • Happiness February 01, 2021 | 6:51
    Smoking has never solved stress, only added to it. Smoking has never done anything for us, but taken from us.
    Just one puff can take us back to square one. Some make the mistake of thinking that they are over the hurdle......but nicotine is addictive and we who smoked are addicts. NOPE!

    You have learned things on your attempts to quit, and are closer to succeeding with the gathered knowledge. Don't give up and you will be rewarded. You have a network of support and a wealth of knowledge at your disposal. Learn and apply .

    Change how you think of cigarette smoking and change your future. You can do this. Believe!

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