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I Used 2 Smoke??

Posted in Hints and tips 22 Jan 2021

It’s only been something like 60 days since I went cold turkey and had my last ciggie.

I had really tough moments in the beginning and almost relapsed, but I stayed strong.

I’ve realized it’s going to be a lifelong battle that I choose not to lose. I’ve made changes to my lifestyle that keeps me away from temptetation. Working out is the best lifestyle change I can think of.

I have so much energy and endurance I feel 30 instead of 46.

And sometimes I just sit and think .. I used to smoke?? What for ??

Best of luck to all of you friends in this journey with me

God Bless


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  • Happiness January 22, 2021 | 12:06
    It is not really a life time battle when you whole heartedly love your decision to be a non-smoker. You seem to do so, so why would it be a hardship for long? Look how quickly you got into the exercise and love it. I once hated exercise and now I do it even more often than necessary because it does make me feel so good! It is no longer the batter to do it because now I have the motivation and feel the benefits!

    We can quit smoking and put it behind us. Yes, it is an addiction and so we dare not tempt fate . Knowing we risk everything for Nothing, WHY would we want to? That is where the learning, knowledge and positive thinking of the mindset come into play.
    Mindset or Willpower? I choose the first, hands down.
  • Iwant2 January 22, 2021 | 17:43
    Heya Happy

    What I meant by life long battle is that I have never quit before , so I have to guard against temptation whenever it ever presents itself.

    I live with someone who vapes, and there were moments when I was tempted to take a drag.. but she helped me get through it, along with me fighting it

    Plus the social aspect of most of our friends being smokers and dining out or heading for a drink leaves me vulnerable

    So I will never consider myself healed ... that way I will never let my guard down

    You’re right about this work out thing.. it’s fantastic !!
  • Happiness January 23, 2021 | 5:35
    Being free of the fear of slipping is also fantastic! Why wait for something to happen that won't? Why not choose to put it behind you? KNOW that you don't want to go back . Join us here to remind you why you quit and to help others in turn. There comes a time when you Know the battle is won!
  • Iwant2 January 23, 2021 | 19:49
    I know I’ve won the battle. But always on guests as a good lil soldier


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