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Posted in Getting started 19 Jan 2021

Hi all. I am on day 5 started the x2 tablets yesterday. I noticed on day 3 that my sense of smell is slightly more accute!!!. I still feel i need a cigarette although maybe a couple less a day than before Champix. I am starting to feel slightly anxious as my quit day is Monday. eek.

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  • Happiness January 19, 2021 | 10:02
    Champix will do its job and shut down the receptors so that you now longer get that jolt of dopamine that you get with first drag. Once that satisfaction is gone, you will stop missing it and three days without any nicotine you are free of it. Your job is to accept your decision and look forward to being a non smoker. Embrace this wonderful journey and stop being apprehensive. The mind plays tricks and you will get what you expect.

    I had no cravings. Cravings are but mere thoughts anyways. Smoking did not solve stress, it created it. Read stories, learn and love the new life you have chosen. We do!
  • Dolly07 January 19, 2021 | 22:11
    Hi Happiness. Thank you for your advice. I feel inspired again this morning after reading your words. Cravings are mere thoughts is a great one

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