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Posted in Getting started 17 Jan 2021

I have been excited to write 7 days on this forum. I have been here many times before, what always gets me back onto cigarettes is that I don’t have cravings necessarily but reward thinking. Thanks to all of your stories, I have some real treasures in my belt now to stop that, for instance someone wrote of week three being hard and month three. Well, I have felt that in the past as well, but this time NOPE! I may not be there yet, but when I mow the lawn and think “goodness, it has been three months, have a beer and smoke, you deserve it, start again tomorrow, you find it so easy”, oh no, I’m not playing that none-sense this time. It truly is my mindset, I just no, I cannot start again, it is always one, that leads to tonnes, and I take such a long time to get back on the wagon. Then EVERYTHING suffers, and mainly me, which is disgusting self sabotage. For what? Poor health, bad breath, and stinking like an ashtray for my kids.

I have also been visualising my better self in a years time, my kids, my health, my money, even my clothing (odd). I visualise my outdoor space for my kids, how beautiful it looks. It really motivates me.

A heavy smoker friend came around the other day and the smell, oh it was intoxicating, I have a big open kitchen but I couldn’t escape it; and I actually had to work hard not to want to be sick, then came the shame and guilt for my children. This is something I have to manage, because feelings of regret can get my head into a very low position which isn’t useful. The past is the past, can’t change it, forgive yourself and do better now.

Anyway, I feel proud, I am so glad I found this forum and the “smoke free” app which speaks about the health benefits.

I no I have to be super careful, because one of my serious triggers is complacency. Because I don’t struggle so much with any cravings, I think I can reward myself, and tips are most welcome obviously NOPE is my motto.

Thanks again.

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  • Happiness January 17, 2021 | 8:08
    Rewarding yourself is great! Just NOT with a cigarette. Enjoy a cold beer and buy yourself a new pair of jeans or treat yourself in some special way because YOU are special and have done an awesome job!

    Being appreciative of the benefits of no longer choosing to smoke are bountiful. The freedom of not being at its beck and call to find a place a puff away discreetly when in the middle of things it awesome in itself!

    Keep up the great work! Read our stories and stay positive. You can do this
  • softly40, Mid North Coast January 17, 2021 | 8:46
    Congratulations Bej for joining in on this forum and for remaining smoke free in a situation which managed to control you in the past. We can overcome all of those negative thoughts once we decide we no longer need them weighing us down.

    I agree with your thoughts about complacency, this has happened to me in the past too. My daily mantra even now is NOPE (not one puff ever)

    The reward system helps you and keeps you motivated, it need not be anything tangible, just a pat on the back or give yourself a gold star for the day make it a fun reward, you can do a jig in the backyard if you want to. Come back again
  • Bej January 18, 2021 | 8:32
    I love it, thanks happiness and softly40. I am going to make a rewards chart for those times I know I get a bit complacent. And today my kids and I are making a visual goals board to keep us motivated for fun things this year, especially with all the extra money we will accumulate. Thanks for your support. :)
  • Ptah January 18, 2021 | 15:30
    Hi Bej, I am also new to this forum. Into my 3rd week now being smoke free. It's great. You're talking about rewards in your latest post. Also open for advice. I think putting aside the money for the smokes you otherwise would have spent every week for a holiday for you and your kids would be a great award. What you reckon? Good luck and keep going mate such a wonderful world out there take care now
  • Harvey meadows January 19, 2021 | 3:57
    Has anyone had abdominal discomfort? Mainly in the lower left, I’ve had tests and scans and all seems fine just wondering if anyone else has had this
  • Bej January 19, 2021 | 9:27
    Good luck Ptah, we can do it!! And yes great plan, I have already booked a holiday, but will not have some funds for activities I would have otherwise struggled with, They are on my values board. Happy to be on this journey with you.

    Hi Harvey,
    I haven’t experienced anything abdominal, anxiety often starts in our stomach though, and can feel really uncomfortable. I hope it improves for you.

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