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Posted in Quit experiences 16 Jan 2021

Hi all, like to share my experience with you guys. I have been a smoker and drinker since early teen. Never knew why I have been doing so. I am now approaching 57yo and have been running low on breath lately. The was that time back in 1993 when I stopped smoking for 7 years coz I had newborn baby at the time. It lasted until me and my partner split up. The stress of the time lead me back to smoking and drinking again. It's also been after 2000 that I have been trying a couple of times. Longest was last year 3 months without due to my gallbladder surgery. After healing I went back to same again. Now 2021 I really want to be able too quit for good no matter what. So here we go. First week of my quitting was a bit hard, I experienced a lot of anxiety, vivid dreams and restlessness. The anxiety has moved away but these warped dreams remain. I tend to remember them as well something that I didn't do before if I really was dreaming then. Another thing I notice is I find it a bit easier to breathe now and with not a bad taste in my mouth anymore. Better appetite and clear eyes. Still from time to time coughing up mucus and the wheezing from deep inside doesn't seem to be there anymore either. My nose gets very blocked at times during day and night very difficult for me to handle but I try using nasal spray too cope. Aldo my insomnia at night is a hard nut too crack. Sometimes I don't fall asleep until three o'clock in the morning with only 3-4 hours sleep, have to be up early for the animals. Anyway that's my share for today. Thanks for you guys time if reading this. Good luck to everyone here trying or having succeeded. Take care now

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  • Happiness January 16, 2021 | 22:44
    It is good to share experiences. You can look back at how you felt and recoup those feelings if you feel yourself sliding. Others also learn and know that they are not alone and are reassured that others experience how they feel and what they might also be dealing with.

    Together, we can get through this new experience of quitting smoking with success. Regardless of past failings, it is this quit now that matters. The others were only practice. We keep learning about nicotine, ourselves, and how to deal with the process.

    You can quit smoking. Believe it. We never thought that we could quit either, but here we are. And we stay so that we remain non-smokers. We stay to show others it can be done. We give hope and reassurance that it is the best decision that we have ever made and we want you to enjoy it too!

    Learn how we were drugged and duped. Believe you have the power to take back control. We did and you can too,
  • softly40, Mid North Coast January 17, 2021 | 9:03
    Welcome Ptah, I am glad you are experiencing good things about your body once again. We need to recognise this process of healing, and we all need to recognise that our reasons change over time, this time your reasons need to be for yourself first, this may sound selfish but I had many a thought about looking after myself when my children were small, that is if you don't look after yourself you cannot look after anyone else. This holds true today.

    We need to look after our health our minds in particular and our money which provides better outcomes in life.

    You can try meditation at night time there are plenty of free apps to download, I found the best method was to write out the problem that needs to be resolved and trust in myself this will be resolved the next day. I would also suggest talking to your chemist who might give you some information on natural therapies that are available.

    You have plenty to work on for the time being but please come back when you have the need.
  • Ptah January 17, 2021 | 13:04
    Thank you both "happiness" & "softly40" yes indeed and very true. Still in the process and long way to go with plenty unknown roads to watch. Thanks for the comments and good luck to everyone for the future

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