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8th month

Posted in Quit experiences 14 Jan 2021

I like that I can be here back with my update, this week it'll 8 months since I choosen better life.. Is it as I expected?

No.. Far away from it.. Now I understand that many things what I was not satisfy with had nothing related to smoking.. I can be still lazy, without energy, sad and anxious.. And I don't smoke.. I have agreed with myself that I'll evaluate the day as successfull when I won't light up.. That's how I stayed possitive even circumstancies are not good.. Need to do it simply to not end up overhelmet with all things which leads to stress and that's killer no. 1 directly or indirectly in our world right now .. That's why we smoke, no? To cope with stressful situation in life.. So keep it simply and stay happy..

And how was last month? I was afraid of this sensitive period of year, first time without cigarette.. And it ended up quite ok, no strong taste or thoughts about going back.. back to stage 1, day 1.. no thank you, no more.. And when I was back at work, time started go quickly, so all right..

Thank you to this forum, to be able gain hope whenever I need, by reading new and old stories..

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  • Mia88, Hunter New England February 25, 2021 | 18:18
    It’s been 38 days so far. And that I have learnt smoking caused more of my stress big time! I feel I’m not as aggravated or stressed as I was then when I smoked. Yes I still get stressed and worried and all emotions but it’s not as bad as when I had smoked I seem to think a bit more clearly so I’m actually really loving not smoking and I’m so glad I decided to stop! You can do it just keep mine busy and talk to someone if you need to! Nope not one puff ever just remember that!
  • Happiness January 15, 2021 | 6:05
    Smoking does not relieve stress! It causes it. Where do your financial problems and health issues stem from? When we got addicted to nicotine and began smoking, most of us were young and at a time where it was glamourized. Once we knew we were hooked we accepted it, but now knowing we can be free, we can't make those excuses. We can forgive ourselves, understand how we were drugged and duped and even lied to ourselves that we must have enjoyed smoking. We believe that it relieved stress, it is only causing stress now that you are quitting it because you think you will be stressed. The mind is powerful and plays tricks. Put the power of knowledge and determination and self confidence into quitting this drug and find the freedom you deserve.

    Change your mind...change your future. It really can be easy when you embrace the journey with wonderful feelings of better things to come.
  • Mia88, Hunter New England January 14, 2021 | 20:03
    I recently tried to quit last year cold turkey, after smoking for years now i really have to give it up because it's very costly which is not affordable, also my teeth and my health. I went to the doctor yesterday and took the initiative to get a medication to try and help as cold turkey i couldn't do it, Yesterday was my first day with it and i still had a few smokes left which when i did have one it didn't taste desirable much, It's just going to be a tough road ahead i know i CAN do it, it's just learning to deal with the stress and such and it being such a impact in your life it's very difficult sometimes to even cope, I know i need to find new ways to deal with the stresses and such but it just feels hard, sometimes my moods are up and down and i feel depressed. But im really glad this forum is here so we can all support one another at doing the best we can so good on you!
  • Happiness January 14, 2021 | 11:29
    We cannot blame smoking for all of our shortcomings. But we do know that things will be better as a non-smoker in the long run. We have already given it enough of our time and energy. You quit smoking Matik, and you know that you have the will to do what you want to do. I could not get moti vated to exercise . My stroke changed that. Now i keep increasing my activity...up to 3 hr. a day average. Pretty darn good for a couch potato. Set small goals and then expand your horizons. You can do it! BELIEVE!

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