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Serial quitter

Posted in Getting started 12 Jan 2021

2020 was my quit year and yes it was the whole year. I would start day 1 then by day 3 I would be really struggling so why not just have a couple of puffs to get through. Wrong because then it would be more puffs Back to day one and this pattern would be over and over again. Now in 2021 once again day 1 again but am at day 7 finally did get some nrt gum and have a couple a day so far so good. I must say the last 12 months have been exhausted feeling like crap is it the guilt of lying to all that I have quit. They still don’t know I’m only 7 days success. This has to be it because I can’t keep lying to myself most of all. Need to get healthy I must say my appetite has been zero I just don’t feel like eating. Is this normal or is it the guilt I put upon myself.

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  • Happiness January 13, 2021 | 0:46
    I am glad you found us Evergreen, you have been sabotaging yourself !

    Nicotine is a drug and of course found in cigarettes which has many worse things like chemicals, harmful toxins and tar which coat our lungs and impair our breathing, hence our oxygen supply to our cells . Our bodies can take care of themselves if we stop poisoning them.
    Nicotine takes about 72 hours to leave our bodies , with minute traces in our hair and such for months. You are free from the nicotine addiction after these 72 hours, but smokers also have developed a deeply ingrained reliance or psychological need to smoke. This is the part that lasts the longest and requires either very strong will power or the MINDSET to get past it. The Mindset is the DESIRE to quit smoking foremost. We can't quit because someone we love wants us to, we have to WANT to. Read our stories and strengthen your conviction to quit smoking. I think that you have it but everytime you are almost there you take just one or two puffs and are totally hooked again! You sabotaged yourself.

    Not One Puff Ever! (NOPE) is the mantra here. Even after quit for years, we are addicts like an alcoholic or drug user and just one can lead you right back to square one. Do not underestimate the power of nicotine!

    The good news is that now you know where you went wrong. NRT.....stands for Nicotine Replacement Therapy.....and there IS Nicotine in it. It gives you the nicotine to wean you off, but you are not getting a "Jolt" of dopamine delivery like you were. There are other ways to get dopamine. The feel good chemical involked in lavendar, love, hugs, kisses, chocolate and even learning! So research and learn!

    Now you need to strengthen the Desire to quit and our stories will help there as well as to show you that you can quit smoking.

    You now have the key to free yourself. If you need more assistance...just ask. You are not alone on this journey. You need not lie to us. You need not feel bad because you slipped like many do. You have learned alot already. Use the power of knowledge, the power of the mindset and desire and the Power of Positive thinking.

  • Happiness January 13, 2021 | 1:00
    Most people find that they eat more to replace the hand to mouth action and to comfort themselves. If you feel quilt that strongly, you probably have a strong desire to quit. Read some stories and most importantly the responses for further knowledge and desire. I went cold turkey with no cravings (after 72 hrs.) , but most do whichever way they decide to quit. It is much easier and quicker to get through once you have the proper mindset. Let us know how you are doing. You will be an inspiration to others!
  • SamiSaudi January 13, 2021 | 5:02
    I was a serial quitter despite always going cold turkey. I felt cold turkey was the best way to minimize the suffering.

    Last time I quit I didnt just quit but I made a series of changes in my lifestyle. Mainly excercise and nutrition (fruits and veggies, green and white tea instead of coffee etc) It made quitting not just easier but in an odd way... enjoyable because id associate the good feelings I get with quitting smoking.

    Then when I was so confident that I hated cigrettes and their nasty smell etc I took a cigarette I was offered as a party. I felt I was a non smoker and theres no way id smoke again. Surprise surprise.

    I quit again and its been about 6 weeks now. Lost lots of weight, looking and feeling great. Credit to Allen Carr and his ebook and video lectures. Basically every time id wonder why not have a cigarette id remember his words. Powerful stuff. Essentially he convinces you that cigarettes were never enjoyable and once you quit with that kind of mindset, you'll never feel like you gave up on something.

    This is as opposed to people who quit and year after year feel they gave up on something nice and enjoyable while the actual joy in it is the joy of wearing a very tight shoe all day to enjoy taking it off at night. Non smokers already enjoy that feeling all day by not wearing that shoe to begin with!
  • Evergreen January 13, 2021 | 9:20
    Thanks to all. You are all right and thanks for the support it definitely helps. I went to yoga which made me feel good. We all have our own struggles and to read everyone’s stories makes me want to succeed. Not easy but need to do this. Was a smoker for 40 years not anymore.
  • Robn January 13, 2021 | 10:05
    Hi Evergreen, well done to you and keep going one day at a time. You did say above “not easy”....whether it is easy or hard is up to you. If you get your head thinking right is is easy,....if you fight or resist the quit it is hard. We have a choice, hope you take the easy day at a time

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