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You can Do It! I Won My Bet.

Posted in Hints and tips 09 Jan 2021

At the beginning of December I said that quitting smoking was easier than losing weight.

To back this up, since I truly did find quitting smoking easy, once finding a site and believing that it was at least a realistic possibility. After all I am not special in any way, even if i would never have believed many things that have come to pass.

I did not believe I could quit smoking.....but have passed the two year mark and don't really count the days anymore cause there is nothing that smoking can give me that I want to go back to.

I did not believe that I would have a stroke one year after retirement at the age of just 61! While 20/20 is a year others will remember as one of the worst, I will believe that I came to appreciate life and family and friends and the simple things in life even more than i thought i already did. I had been in good health until that fateful day

I didn't believe that I would ever WANT to exercise, but am grateful that I can, and actual enjoy my walks and the time it gives me to reflect and give inner peace. Exercise will relieve stress! Make you more energetic!

I didn't ever believe that I would WANT to exercise. Period.

But did believe that I could draw on the belief in myself, that I could make a road to recovery. I only have to put forth a little more effort to do what I used to do. I know walk 3 miles a day and exercise on a peddler and recently taken up resistance working with resistance bands.

When we can envision what we want for ourselves, we can find the determination, strength and belief to follow through.

I can't quit food.

Food is not an addiction. I have to have it yet control it.

I do that amazingly well, have lost weight and have found the key to doing it without feeling hungry or sacrificing nutrition. It is the way of eating and believing that I can enjoy food . Even diet food can taste great!

How does this have to do with smoking.?

It is the mindset. We do what we WANT to do. What we DESIRE to do. Perhaps maybe something we want to prove to ourselves! By making a vow publicly can make you feel the goal is more real and make you feel more accountable. If you already stress easily, then perhaps not. The happy ending to this post is that I did lose the 5 lbs by the year end . My goal is to now lose another 10 pounds by Valentines Day.

] Can you say you are smoke free then?

I Challenge you to make your dreams a reality!

We can do what we put our minds to!

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  • Swapnil January 09, 2021 | 18:38
    Congratulations happiness for your achievements smoke-free 2 years and losing weight.

    Wish you a healthy & happy life ahead!

    I too am facing the problem of weight gain after quitting. About to complete smoke-free 4 months, still, facing the problem of increased appetite. Hope I will get through this problem too.

    And thank you for supporting almost every member of this group. As your name says, you are really a 'happiness' of this community.
  • softly40, Mid North Coast January 10, 2021 | 8:46
    Hi Happiness, difficult as it is for me, it is the mindset which strengthens your resolve, I am now on a weight loss journey, although I have tried many times before to loose weight and have been successful, this last time of 4 months I haven't been able to lose any but I have not put any weight on either.

    I have now stopped having cake out with coffee as a reward for not smoking which I found most enjoyable, I enjoy many things so I will make this just coffee without the cake. What I can attest to is the success of this forum, so I have joined a forum for weight loss in order for me to be accountable. I have never stopped exercising, but I don't exercise to the extreme.

    I am hoping to loose a small amount of weight and have always had a healthy diet in between the cake. I cannot say NOPE (not one puff ever) so I will need to get another mantra in place soon. Keep Covid safe in your part of the world Happiness and I am pleased for you keep well.

  • matik_one January 11, 2021 | 5:51
    Amazing.. I'm very happy for us former smoker to be allowed feeling so greatfull after giving up cigarettes.. And sorry for those who giving up quitting.. Never do that.. "Believe on miracles, they have one great property, they happend.."
  • Robn January 11, 2021 | 13:19
    Hi, funny thing I read the other you know what diet stands for. Did I Eat
    Whatever it is that we are trying to do...we have to have belief in ourselves....the only reason we gain weight is because of our food choices and lack of moving. Watch what you eat...make good healthy choices and move yourself...minimise sitting.
    It will work every time. I bake a lot...but since quitting smoking I bake sugar recipes. Took awhile to adjust but adjust I normal cake, biscuits etc taste over sweet to me. You will do it Softly...
  • Poddy007 January 15, 2021 | 21:52
    Wow... thank you so much
  • Happiness January 16, 2021 | 0:36
    Thank you for the comments. I gained most weight before quitting smoking. I did not eat more after quitting, I had retired and not active anymore.

    You do not necessarily put on weight unless you substitute the hand to mouth action with unhealthy food. Just make good choices and move, as Robyn says. Exercise will enhance your mood , releasing dopamine and making you feel better while you travel this new road to freedom.

    We can do what we set our minds to . Being accountable helps, which is why I state my intentions here. I know I will be down 5 pounds by Valentines Day and 10 might be pushing it. My health is most important and I will lose it by summer anyways. I really don't need to prove anything. I know I can do what we put our hearts and minds into!

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