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Posted in Hints and tips 08 Jan 2021
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Six years ago I was found HBsAg positive and by taking Worldherbsclinic HBV herbal medicine, now I am negative. abdominal pain gone. All this happened between 2 months.Am very happy to share my victory over HBV. I always knew i will beat this deadly disease, i never stopped researching for solution. Don’t ever give up, you will surely be free on day.

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  • Happiness January 09, 2021 | 14:03
    Never giving up is the key. Smoking is not natural. But natural remedies do help. Where are medicines derived from after all?

    I don't know for a fact that ginger and turmeric helped me or that it was just a chain of research and wanting to learn how to help myself further.....then I got interested in quitting smoking......and now losing weight....exercising....... one thing leads to another. Knowledge gives us power. A belief in our selves makes it possible....we CAN quit smoking when we want to.... with the right tools and support!

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