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Anyone have same Symptoms

Posted in Quit experiences 05 Jan 2021

Hi People,

 I had a nicotine addiction for the last 8 years on and off. It has been 63days since I quit. My sleep is better. But I am feeling the Following Symptoms.


Chest congestion some time,

Pain in back some time, 

I don't have any cough. 

I am scared and I went to the doc he says everything is normal. I will check the chest and everything 

if it persists. 

I am having white mucus in the morning I think it is part of the healing process I guess

any advice from you guys. 

I need support. You people help a lot others as well


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  • softly40, Mid North Coast January 07, 2021 | 5:32
    Welcome Icanquit, in answer to your question, I have not experienced these things after I quit smoking, others who read this may have had these experiences for quite some time, because everyone seems to be so different with any bodily changes.

    It is good you are seeing your doctor and not relying on what we say on this site specifically. It would be beneficial to write out when these conditions appear and work out for yourself what other activities could be causing it before you go and see your doctor again. This will ease your own mind and make it clear to your doctor.

    Whatever you come up with do not start smoking again, this will not resolve any issue you have with your health it will only make it worse and you will feel disappointed in yourself. When you have collected enough information make an appointment to see your doctor again, that would be my plan. NOPE (not one puff ever)
  • icanquitvivek January 07, 2021 | 22:07
    Took the Chest x-ray and ECG everything is Fine. I am Having a Problem with the GAS and Acid reflex and it might be just a healing process
  • Happiness January 08, 2021 | 1:06
    Hi and Welcome. Many people experience varying issues on quitting smoking and no 2 exactly alike. If your doctor said all is good then take it from there and get even better! Eat healthier and meditate, and exercise! Oh wait, you started doing all of that too, being more mindful of your health as well as nibbling instead of smoking. Gas is caused by a change in diet. Depression by a lack of serotonin, anxiety because you don't have nicotine isn't giving the jolts smoking gave you. All of these imbalances can be corrected by a healthy diet. Gradually increase gassy foods with fiber like beans and flax. Oh so good, but your body needs to adjust to all these great changes!
  • icanquitvivek January 08, 2021 | 16:14
    Hi, Happiness& softy thanks for the kind word. I Started doing exercise thing are getting better a little at a time just want this time to go away. That is it

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