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Water retention

Posted in Getting started 03 Jan 2021
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Hi. I am 93 days smoke free but I have been struggling with water retention for 80ish days now. Nothing seems to work permanently. Please help. Any advice is much appreciated thank you

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  • Happiness January 04, 2021 | 2:48
    Hi Kristy. I have been on this forum for 2 years and don't recall anyone complaining of water retention. I am dieting and find that when I eat too much sodium and not enough potassium (something to do with electrolytes) I gain weight in water. I gather it is causing you discomfort? I would discuss it with your doctor as it may be a deficiency.

    Our anxieties cause many phenomena . Getting over the anxiety or fear of what's to come and if you can quit smoking usually ends the problems. Think positive, and think good things about quitting smoking rather than seeing it as something that you are forbidden to do.
    We chose to be non-smokers. We desired a better future, better health and the freedom that non-smokers have.

    When health issues persist, it is wisest to seek professional help.

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