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envisioning the future

Posted in Getting started 01 Jan 2021

As a new year resolution, I want to quit alcohol this year. To quit alcohol I wanted to reflect back to understand what helped me quit smoking. Today I reached my 105 smoke-free day. Envisioning the future was very effective for me. When I decided to quit smoking I would think about how my life would be when I am smoke-free in the future. I fell in love with my future self. Someone who was confident about himself, someone with a great personality, someone who works out every day, enjoys a jog on the beach without losing his breath, spends time with his family, gives 100% at work, is appreciated by the family for having achieved the goal of being smoke-free. This not only made me start but kept me doing. I feel really good about myself today. I am so proud. I want to do the same with alcohol starting today. I hope all of us have a great 2021 and are in much better shape that what we start the year with.

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  • Happiness January 01, 2021 | 23:31
    Happy New Year Partha. You have set great goals for yourself in this new year., and you will achieve them! Don't forget to pass the knowledge gained unto others here and on the other sites you were apt enough to join. Forums can make a difference as you well know. We learn from experience and sharing. You never need be alone......Keep in touch..Hugs.
  • matik_one January 01, 2021 | 23:43
    Hi Partha, very nice, but the most important, successful story.. Keep going.. I'm also alcohol free this year, so hopefully we'll be celebrate our achievements in one year here.. :)
  • softly40 , Mid North Coast January 02, 2021 | 7:56
    Happy New Year Partha, I admire your wanting to stop drinking and hope that we can still be of help at odd times. I don't have a problem with drinking, maybe because I was always the responsible one to drive everyone home, so this has worked well for me.

    The most important thing I can give you is that I felt no sacrifice in doing this, it was easy for me. I wanted my licence more than a drink.

    I am sure with your method of envisioning the future has made you a better and happier person overall. This forum helps you to achieve these goals and supports you all of the way. Thanks for giving back to others to help them on their way.

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