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7th is my favorite no.

Posted in Quit experiences 19 Dec 2020

Hi guys.. I'm celebrating 7 month smoke free life.. :) 7 is my favorite number.. Also 23 but do not skip things.. :)

How was month no.7 ? Wau, big progress in thinking of ciggarets.. I think less about them and there are days when I forgot to think about them.. :) So much better, I'm starting feel total freedom.. I understand that risk to start smoking again will be with me forever, but it's always decision which I have to make - I can, but I do not want.. That's how I passed cravings..

Wish you all the best and see you in New Year.. The first smoke free year for me.. Hope will be for you as well smoke free.. Keep going..

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  • Gemma23 December 21, 2020 | 22:10
    Well done
    Doing a great job. Be proud and happy 👍👍
  • happyhaze63 December 21, 2020 | 1:18
    Well done 😀 I still think of cigarettes but it does get less each month and although you might th8nk 1 won’t hurt it will got to 11 months once before doing that 🤪
  • matik_one December 19, 2020 | 18:44
    Thank you for your encourage words.. They help in every stage of quitting.. All good to you, be free and happy..
  • New chapter December 19, 2020 | 8:21
    Congratulations on your 7 months Matik,you’ve got it beat now,a forever smoke free life beckons for you ,have a lovely Christmas and a fantastic smoke free new year buddy
  • softly40, Mid North Coast December 19, 2020 | 8:17
    It is good to hear from you matik, 7 months is a great achievement, we always need to keep or say to ourselves NOPE (not one puff ever) I say it every day. Even though this is my second year smoke free I know after many times of trying to remain smoke free this is the best Mantra for me. It reminds us not to be complacent in certain situations.

    So glad you are not thinking about it so much, our freedom from the hateful and harmful Cigarette, gives us the freedom to enjoy Christmas to the full.
  • Happiness December 19, 2020 | 6:34
    Happy Smoke Free New Year to you too Matik. Don't forget to check in with us from time to time even if you don't feel you need us. You have an opportunity to help others by doing so, as well as reminding yourself why you do not want to pick up smoking again. Remembering NOPE especially, as we all know where that will lead should we ignore the warning!
    Congratulations on your 7 months and to the many many more for years to come.

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