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Posted in Quit experiences 18 Dec 2020

Have you ever been on a bus,train or plane? Most people have and you can’t smoke. What happens in your mind. For most people the thought of having a smoke disappears for the duration of the journey. However as soon as they get off the bus, train or plane the desire to light up is back again. Why? Once we know we can’t have a smoke while in these situations we distract our minds with other thoughts...and it works. As soon as we know we can have a smoke again the desire is back. This is how strong our minds are, how we think is extremely important to quitting for good. May you always be on a bus, train or plane.

Merry Xmas to all...stay safe and smoke free

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  • Happiness December 19, 2020 | 0:43
    The way you choose to travel does make the journey easier. Having the desire to quit, a distraction at hand and the belief that your can quit makes it so. Acceptance is key.

    I have had to accept that I needed to exercise. Slowly at first but I added to it because I want to lose weight quicker. I did lose those 5 pounds earlier than the new year! So I am at cross roads....I want to lose another 12 lbs by the end of next year. I can take my time and do it naturally by continuing to exercise and eat a little less or stay on track and lose a pound a week on average on a 16-1700 calorie diet. I eat well and don't go hungry, and the exercise makes me feel good. I want to do even more! I could be there in as little as 3 months! I am more likely to continue with knowing that I love my new lifestyle and gaining the benefits of better health .. I will also get to a point where I can eat pretty much what I want without thought. When mindfulness is adopted and nurtured, it becomes ingrained and accepted. I don't need all those empty calories! I am much better off without them. Sugars and starches cause the cravings to eat more starches and sugar. , just like nicotine causes one to light up again.

    And just like that , after writing this, I am more decidedly sticking with what I am doing, I won't beat myself up if I indulge a bit a Christmas or have a couple of drinks on the weekends. In the summer I can have marshmallows and weiniers with the kids. Make them popcorn while playing cards...........give up a little now for greater gain later!

    Once I have come to terms with it, and have little rewards........I can do this!

    We can do what we put our hearts into and think positive thoughts about.!

  • softly40, Mid North Coast December 19, 2020 | 8:01
    Thanks Robyn and yes we sometimes, link certain situations to smoking, but in the case of the travel, someone has told us this is against their policies and laws, so no thinking required, when we have a choice then the onus is on ourselves, it is the memory and we can either let it go or we can hang onto it. I know I want to let it go, so really its a no-brainer for me. This is an emotional time of year, where excitement and stress are part of the mix, lets enjoy our own desire for long term commitment to leave those memories and thoughts alone. Happy Christmas to you too Robyn.

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