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Looking for similar experience with quitting.

Posted in Quit experiences 15 Dec 2020
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Hello there,

So I decided on starting of Oct that I will quit smoking for good and I did. I’m happy that I was able to quit again. The reason why I’m here in this forum is to seek similar withdrawal experience if any or any advice on it.

Quitting smoking was not difficult for me as I have done it 3 times before but this time withdrawal seems to be taking longer to fade away. After 2 weeks of quitting I developed cough which affected me only on waking up lasted for 10 days but then I realized that I had a nagging throat pain with some sores at back of the throat. Went to two different ENT specialist one prescribed me antibiotics and other prescribed me PPI for acid reflux said there is no need to worry about it nothing serious in there.

I have this sores/ulcer/canker at back my throat and its not healing but not getting worse too. I want to know if anyone have ever experienced this withdrawals upon quitting if so then what should I need to know about it.

Also to people who want to quit smoking, this withdrawal does not necessarily affects everyone so do not worry about it or stress over it as quit smoking is the best option in the long run and I hope you will be able to do.

Thanks and good luck. :)

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  • Happiness December 15, 2020 | 7:56
    Withdrawal affects everyone differently. Even the same person has a different reflex . Take what you have learned from the prior experiences and use what helped you get past the nicotine withdrawals again. What you are experiences after the passing of time is the want to start smoking again. When you no longer desire to smoke, more than you want to quit smoking, then you will. Our subconscious and habits developed over repetitious behavior make it difficult to change our perspective. Learn to look at smoking in a different way and embrace the change for good. You have just abstained before, but you can quit for good.

    You need to face the truths before we can help you . Find out why you started smoking, what smoking never did for you and how you can regain control. It is very possible. Please read and let us help.

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