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Avoid stress guys!!

Posted in Hints and tips 08 Nov 2012

Hey guys. I am on day 6 today, cold turkey, going through a lot of pain. Today was a strange day as i was stressed at work and blew up at a couple coworkers who were telling me to just go have a smoke and stop being a quitter!! I was quite upset and i blew up at them and funnily enough acted pretty crazy too, kind of almost outta control in my head and all i wanted to do was to have a smoke at that stage. It was bad!! I went home instead, quickly changed and went to the gym (i only started gym yesterday) it certainly helped me feel better as i was on the treadmill and struggled to catch a breath, it reminded me of the reasons i quit in the first place. So guys, please keep cool, drink lots of water and avoid stressful situations whenever possible. And exercise, go for long walks (without your ipad) so that you can hear yourself breathe!!

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  • Robyn47 November 09, 2012 | 11:51
    Stress is the the one huge thing we have to discover new ways to deal with. I had a stress attack after the 4 Corners animal abuse show last Monday & had to do a few very fast laps around my flat (this is with the help of Champix - god knows how I would have reacted cold turkey).

    Yes. exercise helps enormously, & I'm looking forward to tightening a few slack muscles.

    Good luck.
  • Amyy November 10, 2012 | 11:55
    Way to go going cold turkey! That is awesome.
    The exercise plan sounds like a great idea and I'm going to have to do a similar thing. Also agree with drinking water- I have found yesterday and today that I didn't even want to drink a coffee - so I'm quittin coffee too- so definitely have to replace it with water- it's the best thing for you.
  • Thailand, Western Sydney November 18, 2012 | 9:14
    You go I want to inspire you too good on you as you managed to stay smoke free... omg I have not had much stress yet Dekzy83 and was worried what I would do should it strike, but after reading what you just said I know what to do now... hey and you are only on day 6 I am sure that I have had a load of ups and downs too... Giving up is never easy and like I said it seams like a roller coaster ride that never seems to end... Only thing is that I have managed to stay on for so long! Take care Dekzy83 you are going to be fine! :)

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