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Posted in Quit experiences 29 Oct 2012

On friday i was at home, waiting for a particular time to leave the house and go somewhere, the weather was beautiful and warm and suddenly i was struck by a craving to smoke. i hadnt had a smoke for 70 days and the cravings have all but gone (except when i see someone having one, but even then i dont usually want one). i felt like my lungs and body was crying out to me that they wanted a cig but i mentally did not want one. i jumped on here and saw that i was up to day 70, used the tips suggestions, tried to call a friend (who did not answer) and finally decided to just leave the house. i wasnt willing to undo 70 days and waste money to kill myself painfully (and make myself feel shame).

It just feels so strange that after 70 days i would have a craving out of no-where like that. I did not cave to the craving and havnt had another craving since. i wonder how long those disgusting death sticks are going to plauge me?!

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  • Thailand , Western Sydney October 29, 2012 | 15:47
    I know how you feel I keep getting those disgusting urges also, I thought I was really going to break myself late last week but realized I was 53 days smoke free & just had to remain strong..... You did not smoke you resisted that temptation like I....... I think we will have more to come but I also think we will get stronger too! Keep up the strong resistance my friend:)
  • NowaNonSmoker! , Western Sydney October 31, 2012 | 23:00
    Day 304 for me and i remembe that Days 60-80 are notorious for the kamikaze craving. Hang in there - it gets better again.

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