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Posted in Hints and tips 12 Mar 2011

It will be 3 yrs this october since I have had one of those horrid smokes, and I feel great!

The reason I am here today is I am looking for some help.

My husband has decided that he wants to quit, I am over the moon with his decision as I worry about his health.

He has asked for my support, of course I am going to support him anyway that I can but I am worried about his mood swings.

I dont know how I am going to cope with them. In the past it has not gone well and he has ended up going back to the smokes. This to makes me angry as I feel that it is an absolute waste of time.

Just some background info to try to help you understand a little better.

This is my second marriage. My first husband was, is an aggresive man. My kids and I lived with this for 10 yrs. I would always be on edge when I sensed that he was going into a bad mood especially with the kids. This would end up in a huge arguement between the two of us.

Now if I sense the slightest change in my husbands mood (who is normally a very placid, patient man) I get very defensive straight away. I dont know how to turn this off.

I really want to be able to help him quit and support him to the best of my ability but am worried that I will make matters worse.....

I would appreciate any ideas that any body may have.


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  • Jenni13 March 21, 2011 | 22:54
    Just remember what you are both doing this for. Be honest with him wand explain your reservations honesty is always the best policy
    If he has a mood swing both walk away & if he manages to com back without going back to the ciggies then he succeded
    Remember that he is not your ex
    Your lifes will be so much richer for this
    Good luck

  • LeahJade, South Western Sydney March 23, 2011 | 9:52
    If it makes you that uncomfortable, why not try going on a holiday. Its alot easier to break the habit in different surroundings and change up the routine.
  • linsaym, Sydney March 26, 2011 | 11:33
    I would really recommend Champix - after taking them for a couple of weeks its like you just forget to smoke one day. No moodswings whatsoever. Just make sure you take them on a full stomach!

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