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Posted in Quit experiences 02 Dec 2020

Hi all. I did for a few weeks fell off that high horse.

I am not back on it again and starting fresh.

I am determine to do it.

I will be staying close to the forum as it was all of you who give me encouragement last time to push through the hard times.

Still going to be smoke free by Xmas and the new year will be a fresh clean non smoking year.

This year has been a rollercoaster ride and I will be glad to see the back of it.

As most of you no I have a bit of a health scare and I got through it with all your help aswell. And yet stupid enough to stick 1 of them dirty things in my mouth and light it.

But I can never really enjoy it anymore knowing the health scare I had and always worrying it could come back.

So the only way to do this is to be smoke free and not to worry about that happening and move forward

Yes it still does stink and never really enjoyed it anyway it was the trap that got me 1 day when I let the guard down to early.

I no what I need to do this time round.

I no my triggers and how to deal with it better. Here's to a new year happy and healthier year.

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  • Happiness December 04, 2020 | 1:45
    Robn hit the nail on the head. Resisting to smoking is not the same as desiring to live smoke-free. One is hard, One is easy. Again, it is the perspective in the mind.

    Acceptance >calmness> contentment > gratefulness >happiness

    Be a happy non-smoker
  • Gemma23 December 03, 2020 | 21:09
    Thank robn great advice
    Thanks all
  • Robn December 03, 2020 | 20:24
    Okay Gemma, you had a slip up...not the end of your desire to quit though. Regroup and get back to achieving your goal, you will earn it and you will get there.
    It is only as hard as you allow your mind to think it is....trouble is sometimes we get along for a few weeks or months and we think we have it licked. I feel we are just like an alchoholic that cannot have a drink...not even one. We can not have even one puff ever. But rather than trying to resist the urge we need to make it something that we truly do not want or need in our lives ever, no matter the situation. Once we get to that level of thinking, we don’t have to resist anything.
    We simply don’t want it in our lives. You can do it for yourself, be good to yourself, be kind to yourself x
  • softly40, Mid North Coast December 03, 2020 | 7:53
    Great to hear from you Gemma, I slipped up quite a few times before I really worked it out, that was before this forum and before I had the internet to keep me updated.

    We are all here for you and will help you on the way and through those outside influences which tend to make us lower our resistance. Once you strengthen how you react to outside influences you will have the power to resist. NOPE (not one puff ever) Have a happy Christmas
  • Happiness December 03, 2020 | 0:14
    We know you can do it Gemma. I am glad to know you are still willing to ride on to victory. As much as i feel bad for your slip, I am sure that you feel even worse. You know that you have the power to save your health and spare your loved ones further anxiety. The sooner is definitely better, and I know you will love the new you in the years to come!

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