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Posted in Quit experiences 23 Nov 2020

I’m now 2 weeks down and I have spoken to my GP who was happy for me to stop the CHAMPIX which I was surprised by. For some reason, I assumed she was going to try and talk me out of it and say I can’t quit before 12 weeks is gone. She has asked me to take one pill a day and not 2 until I finish my pack. I have three days left of it.

Today it was raining in Melbourne and I woke up with a craving to go for a cigarette. One of my favourite smoking situations was during the rain, go out with a cup of hot beverage and smoke one or two before the world woke up. The craving didn’t last long but it surprised me nonetheless as I had forgotten about this favourite smoking situation. Melbourne has not been rainy these past 2 weeks.

I am still feeling depressed and my energy is shot but on a plus side, despite the crazy dreams, I am heading to sleep so much more easily and deeply. Another thing that has surprised the heck out of me is my coffee intake once i quit smoking went from 5-8 cups of coffee per day to almost no coffee. I did not realise coffee went hand in hand with my habit until I quit this time around. It never used to be like that on my previous attempts.

I am still feeling depressed and feel hopeless and despairing but I know that’s just the CHAMPIX and it will soon be over. I will make another entry in a weeks time.

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  • softly40, Mid North Coast November 24, 2020 | 7:39
    I am so glad you went to your doctor Hmali, I was on one table a day not two, this still worked for me. Remembering certain situations as enjoyable will eventually pass.

    The trick is to remember, how much discomfort you went through in the rain, and looked for that smoke before you could find relief, this is not enjoyable, it is expecting something you deserve. Time to work out and give yourself a different reward when this thought comes around something you enjoy without the pain and suffering that goes along with smoking. NOPE (not one puff ever) Glad you are experiencing some freedom in Victoria at last.
  • Happiness November 23, 2020 | 22:41
    It is so nice to hear someone attributing their depression, lack of energy and other discomforts to a drug rather than the act of choosing to quit an addiction. Nicotine is a short lived drug which loses it \'s power quit quickly after being discontinued.

    Eat well, exercise and keep the happy thoughts and experiences of being a non-smoker. I can assure you that you will be glad you did. Keep up the great job Hmali!

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