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Quitting Again!

Posted in Quit experiences 22 Nov 2020

I find myself coming back to change my quit date. This is a good system to use, I've just got to stick with it when the going gets rough, which it has recently. I need to get the seductive image of smoking out of my head. It masquerades as something exotic and pleasurable, but it isn't it just wants to entrap me. That's all, I've just got to stick with it and it will get easier.

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  • davegoodo , Murrumbidgee November 23, 2020 | 19:33
    I want to say "Thank You" to all who responded to my post. There is so much wisdom contained in them. I'm not giving up on giving up. That's settled, I need to embrace this decision and move forward. This is my chance to make it a success so I will take it. I like to look back at my savings from quitting, that is a big motivator for me. I can go walking again now and feel healthier in my breathing. I'm glad to be a member of this forum, it has and continues to be an important part of my quit plan. So thanks again friends, I send out love and good vibes to all of you. :>)
  • softly40, Mid North Coast November 23, 2020 | 8:27
    Indecision is not a good feeling, so you need to ask yourself why are you needing to keep changing the quit date.

    It might help to not only embrace your new freedom from smoking but to remember you have a very seductive friend hanging around your neck which is detrimental to your health and happiness, a wolf in sheeps clothing, get rid of it. It is time to redo your reasons once again.
  • Happiness November 23, 2020 | 6:33
    Each attempt brings you that much closer to the ultimate and final quit. Learning and adjusting your mindset will ease the way. Stick with us, we know it is just a matter of time.
  • Robn November 22, 2020 | 22:12
    Hi Dave, it is fantastic that you have not given up on your gol to be a non smoker. When the going gets tough, remind yourself that going back to smoking is not going to change the tough times but is going to add stress to your life. You will need to find the money to keep smoking, you will low self esteem because you have given in again etc. you are right, there is nothing good about smoking, embrace your quit...look forward to that quit date, look forward to all the benefits of not being a smoker. One day at a time, with the right frame of mind and you will do it. It isn’t hard so don’t tell yourself that it is as easier as you make it in your mind. Come on you can do this and be happier, healthier and richer.
  • matik_one November 22, 2020 | 17:30
    Hi there, it's good that you still trying.. it's good that you know that you can achieve it.. it's good that you want it.. Why do you want to quit? Be clear and want it badly, much more then smoke and you can be winner.. All good to you.. you can be winner.. it's everyday choose..

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