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2 years 5 months Quit. My how time flies.

Posted in Staying quit 19 Nov 2020

Just remember that you are stronger than the nicotine drug.. It will get easier and so many on this wonderful forum can attest to that!

The strength comes from within, we often don't give ourselves the credit we so rightly deserve. Stay strong, the withdrawals will pass, and the smoking addiction will soon be a distant memory.

Hello to all my long term forum buddies and welcome to all the new members who have jumped on board. Wishing you all the success in your quit.

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  • Happiness November 19, 2020 | 6:07
    Hi Dabs. Always good to hear from you and the other long time members who found success and can attest to nicotine being beaten. We are stronger than it, and we are in charge. WHEN we make up our minds that we are ready to take back our freedom and put our money to better use nicotine will not stand in our way.
    I think we were afraid of failing, but I think those who come and spend the time with us because they want to learn and be successful like us are the brave ones. Slipping while learning is normal, but of course we want them to avoid the speed bumps and have a faster and easier transition.

    Most feel that they have the support and encouragement to keep trying and do make it eventually. I wish we had some statistics for the site. We know that nrt's are great but need the knowledge of nicotine, the tools to use, the support and the belief that they can quit. Of course some drop by out of mere curiosity. We can only hope something will stick in their minds and they will take another look. I wish more past members would drop a line every now and then. Thanks Dabs!
  • softly40, Mid North Coast November 19, 2020 | 6:19
    Thanks for dropping back in again DAB57 fantastic news, yes we are stronger than we think, when we put our mind to it. We are all in the same boat either paddling like crazy or with smooth sailing. A happy approach and a happy ending is all that we need to succeed and this forum helps us all do that.

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