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Freedom from nicotine slavery: Two months

Posted in Quit experiences 18 Nov 2020

Hello all, I hope you all are doing well during this pandemic.

I would like to share an update on my smoke-free journey. Its day 64 and I am feeling very happy that I have completed 2 months without smoking very easily.

I am 28 years old male and was a smoker for about 7 years. I was smoking more than a pack per day before quitting. The first week was very much difficult after quitting. I slipped for 3 times in that week, but as advised by many on this forum, considered those slips as part of quitting. My previous attempt was in the year 2017, which lasted for about 10 days and I thought of quitting for thousand times after that attempt. So, one day during smoking a thought came to my mind that 'I will never be able to gather guts to quit smoking like other smokers', which hurt me a lot and I decided to stop smoking suddenly without thinking much about it.

4-5 days after quitting I started reading EASYWAY by Allan carr and found it very useful. There were few stressful situations after quitting, I craved for smoking that time but I was able to overcome easily due to the correct mindset made by that book.

I hope I will stay on track forever and be smoke-free for life.

One advise to those who are planning to quit smoking, Don't think too much about quitting, don't make any planning for quitting, otherwise you will keep planning for your whole life and never will execute that plan because smoking is drug addiction. Just go ahead and quit it. It is very easy.

I would like to thank those who share their stories and those who keep supporting others on this forum. Special thanks to the Australian government for creating such a wonderful platform.

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