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Mine birthday present - half of year

Posted in Quit experiences 17 Nov 2020

Hi guys,

Here I'm back with update and celebration.. I have just achieved an half of year smoke free life.. I never celebrate my birthday without them even I usually wanted.. I just planned to quit or I have already failed prior my birthday.. This time I got it..

How was last month? Wau very different, I almost forgot that ciggie exist.. When my colleagues call me go with them out, or they returned with smoke smell, I do not have any cravings, I just feel that this is what I choosen and that's all.. Even when I need cope with stress at home or at work, they aren't thing which goes to my head at all.. It like they are not exist for me anymore..

Eventhough, I thing about them almost every day, usually at evening, but not crave, it's just like a memory..

The half a year was my first long term goal.. I have achieved it.. yea really unbelievable 6 months.. Next big milestone is 1 year.. Be there soon.. :)

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  • DAB57 November 19, 2020 | 1:59
    Congratulations on your great achievement. You escaped from the dark side and came over to the light. Well done. May your continued success be filled with good health and happiness.
  • matik_one November 18, 2020 | 19:20
    Thanks Faisal and Softly40..
  • softly40, Mid North Coast November 18, 2020 | 7:17
    A really happy and healthy Bithday matik, you deserve a great Birthday present, I hope you got something for yourself. You have brought out the distinction between a memory and a craving which is sometimes hard to define,

    A celebration can bring on the memory of a smoke, but only you can choose to ignore it, a memory of how you deal with a hurtful or sticky situation is another memory you can overcome by your own reaction to it. We can all learn to react in a more happier and confident way than before. NOPE (not one puff ever) Congratulations.
  • matik_one November 18, 2020 | 4:08
    Thank you Happiness.. Wise and true words.. Few years extra, but better years from now on.. :) I count with you in half a year..
  • Happiness November 18, 2020 | 1:55
    I am sure your post is gaining sighs of relief everywhere knowing there does seem to be an end in sight. Cravings of an significant do not go on forever. Like any bad relationship, there is turmoil in the beginning, eventual acceptance and finally moving on and putting it in the past, only to deal with should the need arise. Smoking does indeed become just a distant memory.

    You have given yourself and your family the best birthday present ever.......a few more years, better years, free and healthier years with new more pleasant goals. than will enrich your lives. Happy Birthday Matik and many more to Come. Congratulations on reaching goal One. I plan to be here to celebrate the next one too!
  • FAISAL AZEEM November 17, 2020 | 19:28
    Congratulations matik_one, your story are inspiration for us, keep posting positive thoughts.
  • matik_one November 17, 2020 | 18:13
    Yea guys, thanks for encouragement.. You are right that we should enjoy the way itself especially in this case, when quit smoking has no finish line, respectively we passed it in the day we have quitted smoking..
  • New chapter November 17, 2020 | 14:06
    Sorry Matik for the spelling mistake,predictatext strikes Again lol there should be an Edit option on here.
  • New chapter November 17, 2020 | 14:03
    Have a happy smoke free birthday Matilda,congratulations on your 6 months quitting,it’s an amazing Feat,you will soon reach your next goal,the 12 months mark,but don’t wish your life away mate,enjoy the journey in between,have a fantastic day.
  • Jimois November 17, 2020 | 8:14
    Well done! Nearly there too whoop whoop.

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