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Posted in Quit experiences 16 Nov 2020

I cannot believe I have made it a week. Having had 2 past attempts,I can tell a strange difference in this latest attempt. I do have strange cravings but they do not haunt me all day long like previously.

I’m very depressed on CHAMPIX and feel very hopeless and despairing which I know is a result of this journey that I’m on. Strangely enough I don’t have an appetite for big meals but can snack all day.

I allowed myself to eat what I wanted in terms of snack but starting this week I’m attempting to lose weight with Keto/low carb diet. I realise that I’m needing an outlet out of this depression and for the first time in my life I will attempt to exercise and make it stick. I love smoking so much and if it wasn’t for the consequences and the harmful chemicals, I would smoke until the day I die but I know this is not realistic and therefore I need a new “habit” and exercise seems to be the only direction I’m being pointed to internally so I will follow that.

I have also decided to go off the CHAMPIX and have made an appointment with my GP tomorrow. I’m kind of anxious she will tell me I can’t go off it and need to do the full 12 weeks which I do not want to do. I will make sure to check in next week for my weekly update. I hope to keep this page as a “journal” of my journey.

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  • Hmali November 17, 2020 | 11:13
    Thanks for the advice ladies! Will definitely take your tips onboard. I should be honest and say it’s less about me missing them and more about being an adult and admitting it’s not a reality to smoke cigarettes. I will see if I can quit CHAMPIX and work on the mental cravings.
  • softly40, Mid North Coast November 17, 2020 | 7:40
    You seem very surprised you could make it a week Hmali Champix does a lot of the work for you in respect of withdrawal symptoms you may or may not experience. It is early days, but the only concern I have is that the psycological aspect of your quit is not what I would call a happy approach to not smoking, I also think your emphasis on food intake is perhaps making it too hard for yourself.

    It is good that you are on a diet and it is good that you want to be healthier, what you need most is to feel happy you are doing these things. Eventually, you will need to stop Champix, and your research should start on learning more about Nicotine as a harmful addictive drug, and learning how to be happy during this time, you can make it hard or make it easy for yourself, it is up to you. Have a look at "How to Grow to be a Happy Non Smoker" presented by NASIA DAVOS you will find it on u-tube and under TedxUniversityofPiraeus. Rewarding yourself brings on pleasure for other things in life, you need to find out what brings you pleasure other than food whilst you are on this Keto diet.

    Keep in touch and it is up to you how you approach/follow advice and learn more about yourself along the way.

  • Happiness November 16, 2020 | 23:24
    Hi Himali. We are here , our words, our support and your journal....forever! Exercise will help raise that happy dopamine as will a little DARK chocolate (less sugar) and happy thoughts. Please try to change your attitude towards cigarettes. To miss them and continue to wish you could smoke will not make you a happy person, nor end the cravings.
    Congrats on the milestone. I am sure you will go the distance. How you get there is up to you.

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