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Posted in Quit experiences 08 Nov 2020

I decided to quit smoking becsuse of the cost of cigarettes. After starting Champix I didn't smoke as much per day (usually I can smoke up to 20 a day) my night ones ceased and my first one I usually had when I got up of a morning was around 9.00 am instead of 6.00 pm. I maybe smoked 3-5 a day and when I smoked my last one, whenever I felt like one, I'd tell myself I didn't want one. I find that I am always wanting something to eat and I try to stick to fruit or Muesli bars instead of junk, Occasionally I have to have chocolate. It's been two weeks since I have had my last cigarette and it's only when I think it's time to have one after finishing a job such as ironing, mowing the lawn that I really feel like one but I tell myself no and have a piece of fruit. I do feel heaps better, I used to cough and cough after a cigarette and afterwards, now that has gone, my skin feels better and I'm saving heaps of money which I'm saving to buy a nice recliner chair for myself.

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  • Robn November 08, 2020 | 21:01
    Hi Dee, well done to are doing really well. Talking to yourself in t8mes of craving is a fantastic tool, keep the talk positive and the more you tell yourself I don’t want a smoke, I dont need a smoke, they are filthy disgusting poison and I will not continue to poison my body, let alone pay a huge amount of money to do so. It really is about seeing smoking for what it really is and learning to hate everything about it. Before long you will have retrained your thoughts so much that you will not have any desire or craving. You are certainly on the right track......before long you will be sitting back in your new recliner thinking about what you can do with all that money that you are saving. Remember to reward yourself a little along the way, go out for a meal, buy yourself something small or go to the movies...little rewards along the way help to reinforce how well we are doing. Be super deserve to be.
  • Happiness November 09, 2020 | 6:06
    A wonderful post to share with us Dee. You are an example of positive thinking and on your way to a successful quit and total freedom. Stay proud and stay free. You deserve it! Enjoy your new recliner...I love mine.

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