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Posted in Quit experiences 08 Nov 2020

Am 30 years old from Ghana I had quit smoking since,6 months now with many anxiety and shortness of breath, body aches, chest pains, tingling in my foot and hands, but am a lot better now but still having shortness of breath and feeling week all the time with panic attacks, let’s hand num sometime I had a lot of text chest x ray, ecg liver text cholesterols text blood text and urine all normal am here to know if anyone had experience any of this and how long will I get better.

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  • Raqeb88 December 06, 2020 | 23:08
    M 6 months now.. still hvn sms symptoms.. not as bad as earlier.. but symptoms come fr few days n go.. repeated cycles
  • tonymishere November 10, 2020 | 22:59
    I am on 6m 3w 1d. I also have similar symptoms :(.Hope it will go one day.
  • Happiness November 08, 2020 | 11:40
    While anyone having these symptoms that you describe should have them checked out by a doctor, we also know that your mind will play these tricks to give you a way out of quitting smoking. We hope you don't. You need to WANT to quit. Change your way of thinking. You are doing the best single thing that you might do in your lifetime. (Your spouse may But even the spouse will benefit, so no argument Who doesn't need more cash.....freedom....and good health to keep up her standard of living?
  • Happiness November 08, 2020 | 11:26
    I can only hope that those (many) who experience these hardships believe us when we say seeing it through is so worth while. You will not see anyone doing so wish that they are still smokers. Freedom is our reward in the end along with many surprise benefits along the way. . You can quit smoking.! It is so worth it.
    Learn the mindset. Read Allan Carr. Read our posts.
  • softly40, Mid North Coast November 08, 2020 | 8:12
    Welcome Verydifficult, I experienced some of these symptoms for a short while, around 5 weeks or so, but I would suggest it is part of the cleaning out process from your body. I am glad you are in touch with your doctor, because we can so easily interpret the wrong diagnosis on our own. We still need to keep our minds in control of our thinking, and this is only difficult if we have other aspects of our life or body that need some work.

    One thing I do know is that smoking masks many conditions which include anxiety. We need all of these emotions to discover, learn, and love in our lives. Our lesson for our mind is to overcome with deliberation into any aspect we choose.

    Keep in touch with your doctor, it is a good idea, but we sometimes create excuses and reasons to smoke again, so you need to watch out for this. I am sure others who read this can relate to what you are experiencing and can help you to continue on your way to a happy smoke-free life. NOPE (not one puff ever)

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