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220 days smoke free

Posted in Hints and tips 26 Sep 2012

Hello, i quit smoking using an e cig im now on zero nicotine after a year i fount this to be the most painless way to quit, first i gave up the 4000+ toxins and now im off the very small amount of nicotine that i was using.

It was so easy for me to quit smoking and start vaping, (i have been on patches and done 2 scripts on champix without any joy in the past ) i have been wondering why the e cig option is not as easy to access as say champix ect.... then i stumbled on this little gem

Anti-E-cig Groups Took Money from Pharmeceutical Companies

The eight anti-smoking organizations that have opposed electronic cigarettes and called for their removal from the market pocketed a total of $2.8 million from Big Pharma's Pfizer during 2011 and the first half of 2012, according to figures being released today by The Rest of the Story. Based on financial contribution reports published by Pfizer, the anti-smoking groups that have called for a ban on electronic cigarettes have received millions from the pharmaceutical manufacturer of Chantix/Champix, a smoking cessation product that stands to lose enormously if electronic cigarettes become increasingly popular. These organizations have repeatedly failed to disclose their financial interests in Big Pharma when making statements opposing electronic cigarettes. The numbers compiled by The Rest of the Story are as follows (these represent Pfizer money received by each anti-smoking group during 2011 and the first two quarters of 2012): American Academy of Pediatrics: $720,800 American Cancer Society: $252,750 American Heart Association: $136,000 American Lung Association: $190,250 Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids: $100,000 American Medical Association: $857,500 American Legacy Foundation: $300,000 Action on Smoking and Health: $200,000 GRAND TOTAL: $2,757,300

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  • RIDING OLD SKOOL, South Eastern Sydney October 03, 2012 | 10:06
    not on champix !
  • emu October 02, 2012 | 20:06
    Hey RidingOldSchool what are you on and where can I get some?
  • RIDING OLD SKOOL, South Eastern Sydney September 28, 2012 | 19:01
    Christine Côte Pharma-Kritik • 11 days ago

    Quote "I am all for informed choice on smoking. It is true that smokers live on average seven years younger than non-smokers. Some studies
    suggest as much as ten years. Furthermore, 90 percent of lung and
    emphysema cases are smokers. Reducing smoking is not an aim without
    medical merit."

    I am sorry,but this is not true. The "some studies" ALSO come from the so called tobacco control. First of all the lung cancer death are as important under non tobacco smokers than under non tobacco smokers, and second of all, it has never been proven that tobacco lovers die sooner than other people. (We know that the black lungs ugly pics come from Pfizers Photo-shop).

    And the "medical merit": this comes from an anti... i mean the kind opf antis that are "on our side"... but always go like this "people should smoke if they like... but... and then the WHO's bla bla. I shall not quote their names: evvrybody knows whom i am talking about. Tobacco is one of the most precious healing hernbs on herbs: if Big Tobacco poisons our tobacco under complicity of Big Pharma and the Chemistry Cartels, THIS is what the WHOP should be combating. Buy biological Tobacco.

    Informed choice should be forced on CHAMPIX and ZYBAN, because these really kill. Not only by suicides, heart attacks, epilepsy, kidney failures, diabetes, but also by violence, street rage, school shootings, Murders, and numerous traffic accidents caused by sudden blindness, lossóf conciousness, heart attacks or epilesy attacks.
    The 200 suicides are an inaceptable understatement: this comes from ONE "Article" which concerns only the USA and only the registered suicides at the FDA and only the suicides and not the street rage and traffic accidents, and a long time ago...

    Informed choice should concern vaccines, and not only the anti smokers vaccines, but all life style vaccines at all (wine, beer, hemp, obesity, alzheimer, parkinson, diabetes). And all the other vaccines too.

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