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Quitting a toxic habit

Posted in Quit experiences 28 Oct 2020

Hi everyone.The 26 October 2020 was one whole month I stopped smoking! The day before I smoked with my friends and did not feel well..I was fed up to be out of breath, not having my taste buds and to be controlled by a toxic habit which brought me bad health. I was very pleased when I heard my friend at work, having the same initiative like me. Without asking each other, we downloaded a quick tracker app on the same day and it was a relief to have someone at work who help you to stop this habit.

For me the first two weeks were very difficult, having temptations with my colleagues but we could make it. After 2 weeks, I stopped having this need of a cigarette and I decided to stop completely not even occassionnally.(I fear to go back to this toxic habit, if I taste it back). I read the stories and experiences, do more sports, love to have my taste buds back, doing my exercises without lacking oxygen are blessing.

There is a long way to go, but I am sure that nothing is impossible, and I just think about the look on my face if I ever take one cigarette. If the smell of the cigarette disgusts you now, you are on the right track.

Be consistent, and stop thinking about it. You don't need it and buy cool stuffs with the money you saved.

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  • sweetpie November 24, 2020 | 16:18
    Thanks @Aaron101 Tried hard to protect it. My friends who are smokers tried to test me 2 days ago and I am so happy I did not smoke. Hope you are ok from your side? Since when did you stop smoking?

    @Happiness: Thanks for your words :) Hope you can manage to stop smoking. I got some good substitutes when I wanted to smoke:Fruits and Nuts. They are healthy and acid fruits like oranges remove the need of cigarettes. I can't barely now smell the cigarette. In 2 weeks you will be good. Better skin, better oxygen, less tired, more dynamic.

    @be better Thanks for your words :) Since how long did you stop? Very happy and better health. We are strong :)
  • be better October 31, 2020 | 7:02
    Congrats on your 1 month milestone, keep going and always remember why you stop smoking and how happy are you without smoking.
  • Happiness October 29, 2020 | 0:43
    Sounds like you are on the right track and have the right frame on mind. I can see you beating this with no problem. Just stay with us and keep the reminders of why you quit and chose to be a non-smoker. Help others on their journeys by giving incentive. Your first post is very motivating and I hope there are more stories and helpful advice to come.!
  • Aaron101, South Eastern Sydney October 28, 2020 | 23:55
    Congrats on finishing 1 month - great story and protect your quit! :)

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