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Rise in temptations as Vic lock down eases

Posted in Quit experiences 28 Oct 2020

Saw my cousin yesterday, one of few family members Ive seen since I quit smoking and drinking. We use to drink, and smoke heavily together. Partying really. We have been close since our 20's. We are now in our mid 50's and Ive quit smoking and drinking. She has not. It was nice to see her, but the urging to celebrate the easing of lockdown was not enough to get me to go drinking or smoking with her again. She accepted that I have changed. Ive realised that Im going to face alot more challenges after isolation. Going back to the social events, friends and families who were a part of my drinking and smoking behaviours. Isolation made it easier to quit. I need to make more preparations. Any tips for socialising while quit would be appreciated.

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  • Happiness October 28, 2020 | 22:18
    I am glad you are staying committed to your dream of being a non-smoker. Make it real. Understand every word and instance that Allan Carr gives. No skimming. Absorb the feelings and understand what he wants you to know. Once we understand , we can let go. We are stronger than nicotine. You were stronger than the alcohol. You choose your friends, not your family but times goes on and time changes things. Make wise choices that suit you and what you want. Don't feel guilty about them. I am sure they want the best for you too, but alcohol may cloud their judgement and actions and they may not be as strong as you. You have to WANT to quit for you! You can do it this time. You are ready to spread your wings and finally be free!
  • Robn October 28, 2020 | 19:59
    As per the great advice above...not smoking is a choice...once you have made it and you are serious about it...there really should not be a situation that entices you back...unless you want to. If you are tempted it means you need to re evaluate your decision eg: am I serious about I really want to be a non smoker.
    Previous to this quit which is 903 days, I used to quit every few weeks...but I wasn’t quitting I was just stopping...until I chose to smoke again. There is a big difference between quitting and stopping. Stay strong and are doing really your life the way you want
  • Dontsmoke October 28, 2020 | 15:06
    I have read your story and I am happy to See that you are on a right track. I too missed my smoking pals a lot when I decided to quit but it is a lot easier as it gets old. People accept quite easily than as compared to what we feel.

    Those who can not accept your decision and force you to join back are simply not aware of what they are into. Its better to avoid them if possible because after all they are family /friends.

    You are on a right track and I think you understand this as wll hence you are on this site.

    My important advice is NOPE Policy I. E. Not One Puff Ever
  • CharKi October 28, 2020 | 12:02
    Thanks for the feedback. Wow, quitting while your partner smokes is serious will power and commitment. Ive got the book by Allan Carr, I haven't finished reading it yet but will do so this week. In fact I will read it a couple of times. I was fine with my cousin visiting and took my dog for a walk straight after her visit to get outside and exercise. I was shocked too how much she smelled of smoke. Its a very strong smell. I didnt like it. Im an alcoholic as well (my parents were as well) so quitting the booze was a deliberate choice as well and it was much much easier to be honest. You are right, it is about mind set. Ive still got some work to do but I will get there. : )
  • Happiness October 28, 2020 | 10:34
    I quit with hubby sitting in the next chair smoking. He also quit and we both go outside with friends on break time during cards. You choose to give up smoking, not your friends. Read Allan Carr and understand how smoking has never given you anything. We were duped. We can be free. This mindset is powerful.
    You are so happy to celebrate your new freedom with covid regulations letting up, but could go back to being a prisoner of nicotine once again? Thankfully you chose to stay on course, but there really shouldn't be any question once you have made up your mind to quit smoking.
    You can still enjoy a drink if you are not an alcoholic or a coffee and have her go outside to smoke. Surely someone who loves you would do that. You would do the same if roles were reversed.
    I chose to quit smoking, I insisted on hubby staying next to me and my friends as well. It still shocks them when they offer to go outside to smoke and I say No.

    Make up your mind, Make your choice and make your quit much easier. You're doing great but need to work on the mindset.
  • Red-67 October 28, 2020 | 9:32
    I made the choice, to give up nothing but the smokes. Breaking the connection to alcohol, and coffee, was strange, but really not hard at all. Your life does not have to stop. Just give up the smoking. Make it something you simply do NOT WANT.. I figured dodging triggers was just more stressful. Kept it simple, just stopped smoking.. It' all in your mind. Just take control away from the addiction. You CAN do it :)

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