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Posted in Staying quit 27 Oct 2020

Hi all,

THANKYOU so much to you who have replied to my story with encouragement and what feels like love! So nice.So, I am now 8 days with no puffs, this time is different.Not sure if it's because I am now middle aged,or if I am simply ready,but my mind seems to be in tune with my resolution. Mind you,I am practising on my mat like a demon! Another thing,I have been practiing yoga for 7 years and am the fittest and strongest I have ever been, I asked myself" what are you DOING?' on one hand you are really looking after yourself, yet on the other, slowly smoking your lungs to death....

I could not think of an answer apart from 'man, get your act together and be in some sort of harmony in your life'

I really like breathing.I do not like coughing and spitting up phlegm every morning,it's gross and totally destructive.

so; benefits; my car and apartment now have not smoke stink!!! Here's a tip; put a glass of vinegar in the space ( car,room,wherever) leave for a day.Voila! the vinegar absorbs the smoke stench. Sooooo good. Another excellent thing is my eyes; I feel like I can see so clearly in just 7 days,and no more eye soreness,which was a big thing when I was smoking. My skin,whilst that of a 54 year old,just looks good! So good that I had my eyebrows seen to on Sunday as my 7 day " good on you" reward.I am saving the cash I am not spending on smoking in a box and have yet to decide what I will do with it after 1 year.WOOOOOHOOO. I have had very few cravings since day 3,when a twinge of " I want a smoke ' come,I let the thought float along and out of my mind by doing something else,or thinking of another thought. Go everyone, you have got this.Who needs to feed their bodies smoke ? Not us!! Stay strong and live life fully.

Have a great puff free day.x

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  • Aaron101, South Eastern Sydney October 29, 2020 | 0:06
    I'm 5 months smoke free, but only 3 weeks nic free. Have saved $9k from not buying smokes!! dunno what to do with it haha
  • Happiness October 28, 2020 | 1:25
    We only THOUGHT we needed to smoke because we NEEDED to smoke because of the ADDICTION to NICOTINE. We were hooked and just accepted it. We don't have to accept it now that we know the truth. The cravings are caused by the need for our addiction and if we break that cycle we beat the nicotine addiction. Unfortunately, we have more trouble dealing with the gaps that are left in our day.
    The Cigarette before and after every chore.....after every meal....etc. The MINDLESS smoking without thought, just ritual.
    By substituting something else to replace the void we can avoid some cravings.

    I am so glad to see such positivity Flowers. Great suggestions ....Keep looking to the Rosie side of life!
  • Red-67 October 27, 2020 | 8:38
    Good for you :)
    Just keep looking at all the negatives in smoking, and all the positives in quitting, and make it something something you never want again. For me, week 2 was the worst. Cold turkey, after 45+ years of being a stupid slave to a little tube of tobacco. But naturally, I THOUGHT, I smoked because I wanted to, I enjoyed smoking. I will soon be 4 years free :) You CAN do it too :)

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