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Cold Turkey Supplements?

Posted in Hints and tips 26 Oct 2020

Hello Everyone,

I have just signed up today with the goal of reducing and then going cold turkey.

One concern that came up for me is what impact would this have on my body and I was hoping that you all may have some tips on what foods and/or supplements may help my body with the change of becoming a non-smoker?

Any tips are most welcome.

Thank you,


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  • Robn October 26, 2020 | 20:05
    Hi Pozz, congrats on the best decision you could make....quitting smoking. The only impacts on your body are all positives. Your body does not need special foods or supplements...just fresh clean air. Take it one day at a time, keep yourself busy and occupy your mind with positive thoughts about quitting. There are no pills or potions that can assist you on this journey...all you need is a positive mindset that this is what you want for yourself and you are going to achieve it.
    Stay close to this forum and you will get all the advise and support you need.
  • Pozz , Southern NSW October 26, 2020 | 22:03
    Thanks so kindly for your response, Robn. That’s really great to know that nothing else is needed except the decision to quit. I will keep close to this forum to stay strong.
  • Happiness October 26, 2020 | 22:18
    Hi Pozz. I take it Pozz is for positive? That is the best thing you can have for this journey..Positivity.

    When we believe we can quit, and seeing others doing that lends credulence to that belief we onwly strengthen that belief and get more determined to win this battle. For me, quitting was easy. Accepting the changes and seeing smoking in a different light are key. It is not your friend, and when you turn your back on it, the cravings will instead become to you an indication that you are winning. You are in control and it is begging you to take a puff so that it may live.

    Your body rewards you almost instantly. Your blood pressure is lower in minutes. Your breathing is better in a few days. Smell returns, not to mention that you smell much better too! The money saved from ash starts to build up. You will take pride in doing this and love the freedom after smoking is out of your life. Think Positive!

    Cut back on the coffee by half when you stop nicotine to prevent feeling anxiety. All caffeine....chocolate, tea, soft drinks, etc.... I learned that ginger is supposed to help with cravings.

    Read our stories, Learn and arm yourself , You can quit smoking.
  • Happiness October 26, 2020 | 22:22
    Oh, for me I went from 25 to 4 prior to quitting. That was hard so I jumped my start date. Cutting down can lead to being even more enamored with smoking. Counting moments and seconds ....idolizing it...... Just be more aware of smoking, how awful it tastes, the poisons. Make it an inconvenience standing in a not ENJOY it. It is a drug. You are an addict. WANT it out of your life!
  • Red-67 October 27, 2020 | 5:03
    Hi Poss; and Welcome :)
    I too, cut down over a few weeks, mostly because I did not have a quit date. When I decided to quit, after 45+ years of being a stupid slave to them, I had 3 packs left. I promised myself to never buy another one.. What helped me most, was just taking a moment to really look at that little tube of tobacco. I let myself realize that there is nothing good about it. We let them run our life, waste our time, take our money, and our health. This realization, made it easy to simply not WANT it, and put it back. I kept smokes, lighter, and ashtray, so I never felt deprived. At my 1 year anniversary, I burned the 3rd pack.. It will soon be 4 years since my last smoke, but I knew I was free, FOREVER, by week 4. Sure, there will be some physical discomfort, for a short time, but, like we say, you will not crave what you don't want. You can do this. Pick a path that works for you, and stick with it. Set yourself FREE :)
    Oh, to answer your question, if anything, I did increase my coffee intake, to make up for the lethargic / sleepy feelings from lack of nicotine. But then, I have always been a heavy coffee drinker anyway..
    Hope this helps. It is just what worked for me..
  • vincent October 27, 2020 | 10:17
    I find that st John's wart helps with feeling down, but you got to take it for like three weeks before you feel anything. It's cheap and natural and readily available, in the UK anyway. Hope this helps

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