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Legend David
South Western Sydney


Posted in Quit experiences 23 Oct 2020

Hi everyone my name is David and i now turned 46 started smoking at around 16,

I’ve lost count on the number of times I ve tried to quit and set a quit date and saying this is my LAST PACKET OF CIGARETTES 🚬

BUT this time different because I have realised that in past I have not really pushed myself given in to habit of smoking and not making a commitment as when I commit to a task I’ll do whatever I need to do to achieve it,

My advice is to only quit smoking when you are OUT OF LOVE WITH cigarettes,

My best not smoking time is only less than 48 hours and advise anyone has to break my 48 hr wall moment would be gladly appreciate

Thanks everyone for choosing to be smoke free

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  • Happiness October 24, 2020 | 4:50
    Hi David. I found joining a forum and believing that I could quit smoking was the biggest incentive. And of course we know that we would not quit no matter how much our loved ones begged....we have to WANT to.

    This quit attempt is not to break a 48 hr. is to quit permanently. To some that sounds scary and so just one day at time or one hour at a time is more acceptable to some. However you do it, keep NOPE in mind. Some promise themselves that they can smoke tomorrow if they want to, but today will be smoke free. The challenge is best won with the mindset. And sometimes even easily if you truly see that there are no advantages to smoking and so many to come once we quit smoking.

    Yes, you have to fall out of love with smoking.

    After the nicotine is out of our systems for the most part in 3 days, it is the daily reminders that it's time for our smoke which proves to be the hardest. Keep busy and as new chapters explained above, the cravings will lessen. Don't debate , Keep busy and desire the freedom and benefits that come as a non=smoker. You too will quit if you think positive and stay determined.
  • Legend David , South Western Sydney October 23, 2020 | 18:57
    Thanks Steve
  • New chapter October 23, 2020 | 17:28
  • New chapter October 23, 2020 | 17:17
    Hi David congratulations on your decision to quit smoking,wise choice,you are absaloutly right that to stop you have seriously got to want to stop,my advice to you to get you through the 48 hour mark,is to read all of the topics on our sites homepage for some tips on how to quit.After three days the nicotine in your body is totally depleted and your body is totally clear of it,that’s when the mentall battle for you will start,prepare yourself for your weak moments by having a plan how you will handle them,for instance,one of my toughest times was when I’d eaten food,so I did the washing up straight away to take my mind off it,I handled it that way,don’t sit there and mentally negotiate with a craving,tell yourself that you are no longer going to be a slave to nicotine and you are going to beat this addiction,after all what has your addiction to nicotine ever done for you,the answer to that is to spend your money,affect your health and make you smell of smoke,so when a craving burst comes to visit do something,go for a walk,go outside for some deep breaths,wash up,have a hobby you can turn to,anything but light up,and your craving will pass,take each craving attack as a compliment,it’s your mind winning the battle over the nicotine addiction and the craving is the nicotine inside you begging to be fed,do not feed it,let it beg,and beg some more and eventually it will give in and die,the cravings WiLL get less and less frequent our mantra on this site is NOPE...NOT ONE PUFF EVER...think this,shout it relay it however you want to,but in the midst of your momentary passing battle of your mind when mr nicotine rears it’s ugly head,say it!!!!
    Because at the end of the day,quitting is a battle of your mind, Your mind v nicotine addiction,and I know who my money is on in this fight of wills,it’s you,the odds on favourite,and the reason you are favourite,is because you want to win!!
    Be brave in battle
  • FAISAL AZEEM October 23, 2020 | 16:56
    Hi David, Its wise decision to quit smoking. Best wishes for you.
  • FAISAL AZEEM October 23, 2020 | 16:56
    Hi David, Its wise decision to quit smoking. Best wishes for you.

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