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Why did I slip up - what happened on day 3!!

Posted in Quit experiences 19 Oct 2020

Hi everyone, last week my husband and I quit smoking. 3 days, in control, feeling proud, a few moments where I was bored and it was difficult. On the evening of day 3 I was really really struggling. I sat down and pondered on the fact I was struggling then planned how I could have just one. Then it happened, I slipped. For two days we slipped. Then yesterday, we quit again and I am feeling strong again. Why do I find day 3 and 4 so difficult? Has anyone else found this difficult? Is there something that chemically happens on these days? Feeling good for getting back on the horse but disappointed in myself.

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  • Swapnil October 19, 2020 | 18:05
    Hi Istaysee! It is perfectly normal to slip as smoking cigarette is also drug addiction. Quitting any drug is very difficult, as it creates an illusion in our mind and it keeps insisting our brain to use that drug. Same applies to nicotine addiction. Thats why most people(including you) are not able to quit smoking easily.
    So, don't be disappointed. It's common for most smokers to slip. You have made a great dicision of quitting and even after slipping, you decided to quit again after 2 days. It shows you are strong and you can be free from nicotine slavery. It's my day 34 as a non smoker and i too slipped 3 times in first week. Just keep in mind, slips are part of quitting, it's not failure!
    So, don't think too much about slips and don't feel guilty.
    Best of luck!
  • New chapter October 19, 2020 | 18:52
    Hi I stay see,the third day of stopping smoking is probably the toughest day you will experience when you stop smoking,by day three the nicotine that was inside you has depleted and your body is totally nicotine free,that’s when the cravings start and the mental battle begins with yourself,through this time you need to identify the points when your at your weakest,ie did you smoke after eating,with a cup of tea etc ,and find something to keep you occupied through these times until they pass,for instance,when I stopped the toughest time for me was straight after eating food,so I channelled those thoughts by doing the washing up straight away until it passed ,that worked for me,some of the guys on here swear by a book for stopping smoking by Allen Carr so give that a read,another thing I suggest you do is to read up on the healing process your body goes through at different stages of your quit,it will help you understand partly why your feeling like you do at the period of quitting your at,and by understanding why your feeling the way you do makes it easier to cope with the healing process,take one day at a time,find something to occupy your time so your not dwelling and keep busy,when your feeling weak use the mantra widely used on our forum NOPE....NOT ONE PUFF EVER....,it’s not the cigarette your addicted to it’s the nicotine,so when mr nicotine comes trying to knock your defences and will to the floor,have a plan to combat it wash up,go outside and take some deep breaths,go for a walk,clean up,do anything but dwell on the feeling of weakness,the most satisfying thing to know tho is that it does get easier,and the craving moments get less and less,the more you battle through and beat the momentary craving that surfaces it gives you confidence and before you know it your developing ways to get through these more and more,your taste and smell will improve,your breathing will improve massively,you won’t stink of cigarettes,your home won’t stink of them,your teeth will shine,your confidence in yourself will increase,the list is endless,
    So the main pointers are:
    Read up on google the healing process your body takes when you stop smoking,the information in this knowledge will be invaluable to you,remember knowledge is power,the more you understand why your feeling how you feel in these moments,the easier they become to deal with and you start to understand that the feelings your having will be just PASSING THOUGHTS....

    Read the stopping smoking book by ALLEN CARR,I haven’t read it but so many guys on our forum swear by it,so give that a read

    Have a plan for your weakest moments,keep busy,have a hobby,keep busy and the moment of craving soon passes,and you’ll be buzzing once it has and you know you’ve fought it off,take each craving as a personal battle one by one and beat it,they will become less and less frequent

    Go through this site and read the quitting experiences of the others on here,the theophylline unpatronising advice will be invaluable to you,don’t be afraid to ask any questions along your journey,they are a lovely bunch of people with so much good friendly advice.
    Well I think I’ve covered everything in my power with the knowledge I have gained along my journey of stopping to help you,I stopped smoking on Aug2 cold Turkey I’m into my third month now and am feeling fantastic,the cravings have gone 99% of the time and I’ve never felt healthier fo a long long time,I’m so Glad I don’t smoke anymore.
    Refused so
  • New chapter October 19, 2020 | 18:57
    Sorry about the dodgy spelling/Grammar,I blame predictatext 😀
  • CharKi October 19, 2020 | 20:16
    Hi Istaysee, I pretty ok to relapse, Ive done it before and like you try again. Dont be too hard on yourself. In fact here is a quote that I love about relapsing - I am not defined by my relapses, but my decision to remain in recovery despite them. All power to you and the courage you are showing by remaining in your recovery from nicotine addiction.
  • Happiness October 19, 2020 | 23:51
    What can I add to such great advice already given? I also advise you to read and learn everything you can about the nicotine addiction by our stories, videos and other sources. Learn how smoking , or rather the addiction to the drug that keeps us smoking, gives us the illusion that we need it. That it does something for us, when in fact, it does nothing but take. It takes our money, our health and our freedom When you make up your mind to reclaim these, it makes the process of quitting smoking easier.

    Don't let nicotine rule you anymore! That is the mindset you need to adopt. When cravings come it is because you are winning and the monster inside is crying to be fed. Feed your body better food, your mind with healthier thoughts and that belief in yourself and live free from its clutches. Nicotine relies on YOU.

    You have already learned about NOPE. All the best! Not One Puff Ever.
    You can quit smoking, we did and you will too.
  • vincent October 20, 2020 | 11:18
    Day three is the worst! Been there a few times. You're not alone.

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