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How long have you quit for????

Posted in Reasons to quit 18 Oct 2020

While doing my profile, I am asked how long have I quit for? I haven't quit yet, I want to quit, and have set a date 7 days from now.

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  • Happiness October 19, 2020 | 0:24
    Welcome to our community and hopefully last attempt at quitting smoking. Whether it is your first attempt or 100th, each step gets your closer. With this community, we share our journeys and experiences so that you might draw on them , made your personal plan and succeed.
    I believe strongly in the mindset. It is not just the nicotine addiction that we deal with, but the feeling of loss of losing a friend (the cigarette) the void that smoking one leaves throughout our days and the feeling that we are estranged from ourselves.(in a fugue state)

    We need to remember that it is not normal to smoke. Our bodies had to get used to it, and know it takes time to adjust. Our bodies do quite well and recover wonderfully well in areas. Our minds do not adjust so quickly . Until you can drop all the brainwashing we have come to believe and change our opinions about smoking and embrace the transformation to becoming a non-smoker it will feel like a battle.

    While I myself did not have any difficulty, but sometimes feel guilty that I quit so easily, I do feel for those that struggle.
    Acceptance and willingness to be a non-smoker is key. No pleas or hounding from family or even threats to our health can force us to quit. You have to WANT to. It need not be scary or uncomfortable. Believe in yourself.

    Treat it as any planned trip. Make your list, prepare. Most of all look forward to it and the results with eagerness and excitement. It is by far the best journey you will ever take.
  • Red-67 October 19, 2020 | 0:59
    Hi Sajac; and Welcome :)
    Maybe, that question would be more like,, Have you quit in the past, and for how long ? Many seem to need a few attempts to reach a true quit..
    As Happiness said, this is much more than nicotine. We are, or were, addicted to SMOKING. Not a, habit, as some say, but a combination of chemical, and emotional addiction. It defines you. You become a SMOKER. Your life, more, or less, revolves around a your next smoke. Think about that...
    Just a suggestion.. Over the next few days, when you go for one, just stop for a few seconds, and look at that thing.. That little tube of tobacco, and ask yourself why.. Why do I need this ? What does it really do for me ? NOTHING ! You LET it take your money, your time, and your health. You may decide, you really do not WANT it. If you make it something you do NOT WANT, instead of something you can't have, the quit can be very easy. You can deal with physical withdrawal, without craving, missing, or wanting one. It is all a mind game. You can do this :) Many of us were stupid SLAVES to a cigarette, for many years, and quit fairly easily. It can happen for you too :)
  • New chapter October 19, 2020 | 6:12
    In a nutshell,if you’ve made your mind up on quitting this crap,then quit,it is killing you and will carry on killing you the more you do it,do do your self a favour and kick it into touch ,good luck ,steve👌😀
  • Lia October 19, 2020 | 21:31
    Hi. If you can quit before your given date to avoid feeling a huge loss. Honestly, nicotine is not a loss. If you quit before the date, you will get to practise doing so and your days will start building up. Let's face it, otherwise, you will probably be smoking like there is no tomorrow up until that date. It may be that you are feeling so much angst you may not be able to quit. There is no such thing as reducing the number of cigarettes smoked. Let us know how you have fared.

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