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This Website is Fascist

Posted in Hints and tips 15 Oct 2020

after months of harassment on this website, over my infamous story about my co-worker, Mr. Holbery, it has been taken down.

i am being silenced on this website, they r trying to weaken my voice. i bring the life of the party on this website and yet i have offended many.

still to no avail with u silence me, i have a plethora of stories (such as my love life and many more co-workers). this fascist website will not stop me nor will that b*tch happiness (stay in ur lane lovey).

please, let me grieve in silence.

- chwoe, fighting fascism

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  • Safe2017 October 15, 2020 | 15:28
    You need to take some medication. Chill.
  • jessfreeof, South Eastern Sydney October 15, 2020 | 17:22
    We care for one another on this site. We are a community of folks who extend their hand out to help their fellow humans in becoming free from the grip of nicotine. In the process of doing this I have come to consider all on this site my friends. Happiness is a very much valued member of this community. If you are a newcomer and like myself felt intimidated or turned off by what chwoe has posted here please read all the other people's posts and comments and you will find our friend chwoe is fortunately one of a kind on this site. Happiness you are a gem and thank you for all your support on my journey. Have a magical day everyone love and light to you all 😊
  • Robn October 15, 2020 | 19:30
    I send love and light to Chwoe.....I feel she needs it in her life.
  • Robn October 15, 2020 | 19:31
    I send love and light to Chwoe.....I feel she needs it in her life.
  • Chwoe, Southern NSW October 15, 2020 | 19:35
    with what i’ve experienced these past few months i sure do robn
  • Robn October 15, 2020 | 23:08
    Hi Chwoe, the best way to have love and light in your life is to treat everyone with respect and that respect will come back to you.
    Lose the anger and hatred and you will feel so much better about yourself and others. Please try and see if it makes you feel happier....I hope it does
  • Chwoe, Southern NSW October 16, 2020 | 13:32
    jeesfreeof i am hurt by ur awful words. i, myself, am still a newbie on this site and am still an outcast from ur words. i have brought life onto this website talking about my journey on quitting smoking and yet here u r saying i am scaring people off. not only that but this website has taken many of my stories down, such as my most popular one 'Quitting Gets You Coochie'.

    also, safe2017 i do NOT need to medicate and cant believe u would even recommend that to me, do not tell ME 2 chill.

    yet again i have u all praying on my downfall after making a story.

    let me grieve in silence, i ask once again.
  • New chapter October 16, 2020 | 22:20
    Can this Fool be blocked off this site,he’s polluting my smoke free air

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