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Freedom from nicotine slavery: First month.

Posted in Quit experiences 10 Oct 2020

Hello everyone. This is my first time to express here. Today it's my day 24 as a non-smoker and enjoying the freedom. It's really a great experience and would like to share with you all.

I started with Cold Turkey without deciding anything in advance. Cravings were huge for first week, causing me to slip for 3 times. In the same week when I quit smoking, I found this website and all of the stories were very helpful & inspiring to stay on track. Also came to know about a book "EASYWAY" by Alan Carr here only, which I started reading and found it very helpful. As I completed reading that book, it changed my mindset about smoking. Unlike other smoking quitters, instead of craving for smoke, I am feeling really bad about smoking. This book is really great and i would recommend to everybody here.. those who are planning to quit or already quit.

Because will power is not sufficient to break shackles of nicotine slavery, you need to change your mindset to stop cravings(new mindset after reading the book prevented me from further slip in week 2 & 3).

I hope, I will stay forever away from cigarette or nicotine in any other form and wish you all the same.

I would like to thank everyone here who shares their experiences and NSW Government for creating such amazing online platform.

Disclaimer: The above apprasal of book mentioned is not advertisement.

Note: My mother tongue is not English, sorry if there is any typo or grammatical mistakes!😀

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  • matik_one October 10, 2020 | 4:59
    Nice story.. Happy to hear that you find ways how to do it instead of find excuses.. it's hard, long way.. but it's right direction.. :) so keep strong and commitment..
  • jenno211058 October 10, 2020 | 7:28
    Welcome to this site.
    I also went cold turkey and have just achieved 5 yrs of not smoking, I had no set backs, just very determined and stubborn...
    You can do this also.. yes this icanquit site is great for just expressing ourselves...
    All the best on your journey of no smoking.
  • softly40 , Mid North Coast October 10, 2020 | 8:51
    Hi Swapnil, I am so glad you are enjoying your freedom, and it is truly freedom you have gained rather than being chained to the Nicotine addiction. Lots of people have read Alan Carr's book and have benefited from it. I personally found a video called "How to grow to be a happy Smoker" by NASIA DAVOS more inspiring, it is on utube, just like the book the emphasis is on understanding different reasons of why we smoke, this is invaluable, but you need to be honest with yourself first.

    Please feel free to post with any situations you come across and need to deal with, all of us on this website can identify with the process of quitting.

    Congratulations on 24 days, it will be 25 days now, and keep on going.

  • Happiness October 10, 2020 | 12:53
    I am delighted to find someone else who believes as I do. Quitting Smoking can be exciting and fulfilling without all the hardships when you truly embrace it. Unfortunately, I am no Allan Carr. Howevwe I do endosre him 100%
  • Swapnil October 10, 2020 | 18:42
    Thank you @matik_one for your encouraging comments.

    Thank you @jenno211058 for your wishes. Big salute to you for completing 5 years and really appreciate that after 5 years of quitting you are still visiting this site regularly and encouraging newbies like me.

    Thank you @softly40 for encouragement. Will definitely check video by NASIA DAVOS.

    Thank you @Happiness for your comment. It is really exiting and enjoying journey. I even enjoyed cigarette pangs and dizziness caused by withdrawal.
  • Flowers66 , South Eastern Sydney November 13, 2020 | 16:57
    Such a good story Swanpil,
    I agree, it is very empowering to move on in your mind when the habit enters it, I feel like I am finally developing real willpower and with that, real personal power.YAY to no more nicotine.Yay to quitting and staying quit.

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