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Dave Brown

4 week anniversary

Posted in Staying quit 05 Oct 2020

G'day all,

I have hit 28 days off the darbs today! Feeling pretty compared to a couple of days ago when I was having a hard time breathing.

How's everyone doing?

Keep strong, team!



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  • Happiness October 05, 2020 | 22:43
    We all have better days to look forward to once we quit smoking. Better breathing and more energy are great ones to start. We smell better right away too, and the savings account starts to grow. In time, you become more adept at filling in the little voids where we might have had a smoke. Getting into automatic routines helps bring back the feeling of normalcy. That's when you realize just how much of a waste of time smoking was. How it controlled you.

    Glad to hear you are enjoying your new health and on your way to experiencing the new freedom. Congratulations and don't forget to keep checking in on us and to grasp the mindset.
  • Dave Brown October 05, 2020 | 23:11
    Hi Happiness, you are most definitely right. I'm getting my smell back now and it's amazing. Still a little heavy in the chest after a PT session but not gasping for air this time. I will check in as often as possible to see how everyone is going. I'm enjoying the mantra and sense of community amongst everyone. It's uplifting!

  • softly40, Mid North Coast October 06, 2020 | 6:32
    Hi Dave, good to hear from you in such an upbeat post while you are progressing through your quit. Any time you need to post is ok by all of us so stay close and definitely NOPE (not one puff ever) enjoy your new found freedom and any new activity you have adopted.
  • New chapter October 06, 2020 | 6:36
    Hello Dave,nice one on your 28 days your doing great,one day at a time,keep moving on,the weeks fly by ,your health Improves,your confidence grows,and nicotine becomes more insignificant by the day,good on ya mate 💪👌😀
  • jessfreeof, Northern NSW October 06, 2020 | 13:40
    👍well done to you Dave Brown and I'm glad to hear your feeling better 🤸
  • Nuts October 07, 2020 | 20:19
    I have a tractor called David Brown, and it blows smoke a lot. Lol. Glad to hear that you dont. Well done mate 🚜 🤗

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