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Smoke free evening

Posted in Hints and tips 04 Oct 2020
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Hi everyone hope you are all staying strong and having a wonderful smoke free weekend.

It's great to not have that small lingure around me anymore or in my hair and clothes.

My partner is much happier and proud of me that I have come this far and continue to be a non smoker.

I did have my slip over 2 weeks ago now but as I said I will not go back to the start as it was so hard to stop the addiction in the first place and I'm not doing that again. I am glad I had the strength to carry on and not totally give in to addiction like I would in the past.

I have worked hard to get to where I am now plus having a health scare and I am now on the other side of it all where the sun is shining.

My bank is looking much better as my health and breathing.

Walking is great now and I enjoy it as I no I am not puffing for air as I did when I smoked.

Alot of people at work are very proud of me for stopping smoking. Feels good not to have a whezz anymore when I breath.

I in my 20s and I starting to realise all then years i smoked and for what really I didn't gain anything out of it if anything I got bad health from it but not enough that I couldn't fix it nothing permanent thank God.

Stop before it is to late and permanent damage is done.

I made such a fast recovery after 2 surgerys and I put it all down to not been a smoker. Really the damage it does to our body's is really something eles..

Have a nice evening everyone on here if I didn't find you people I would still be smoking I wouldn't have had the courage to stop. It's amazing what beautiful and encouraging words can make a difference and give someone motivation to keep been a non smoker.

Thank you all really for all the support through it all.

112 days and counting. 🚭🌺🌺❣❣🌸🎉💃💃

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1 Comment

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  • jessfreeof, Northern NSW October 05, 2020 | 10:10
    Hi Gemma 🙋 great to hear from you. Your stories always help reinforce why I flicked those smokes to the curb. Have a magical smoke free day 💃🧚👯🤸🌻

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