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Posted in Quit experiences 03 Oct 2020

Morning everyone ,I had the worst night last night I hardly slept my mind was really active,but when I did sleep I remember dreaming I’d failed and lit a cigarette up in a beer garden with my friend,I woke up really fast but remembered the dream,I’m surprised I dreamed that as I don’t even feel like I would like one,feeling a bit flat today,but I’m sure I’ll snap out of it.Have a good day everyone

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  • jessfreeof, Northern NSW October 03, 2020 | 19:00
    Hi new chapter 🙋thank goodness it was only a dream/ nightmare. Sorry to hear you are feeling a little flat today🤗be extra kind and gentle on yourself until it passes. Sending you lots of love and hugs my friend ❤️
  • New chapter October 03, 2020 | 21:25
    Thanks Jess x
  • Happiness October 03, 2020 | 21:27
    Don't let the dream daunt you. I have had one too out of the blue and not in the least interested in taking up smoking. it probablly had more to do with the setting and your friend, and a memory of a past time.

    Feel better, plan something to look forward to and enjoy a little something to indulge in today. We are worth it. Enjoy another smoke-free day.

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