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Quit Smoking

Posted in Quit experiences 21 Sep 2020

Its a very simple story, it started with my thought process towards my upcoming baby. My wife is pregnant and 7th month is running. One fine day i was sitting idle and thought of my baby with a cigarette in my hand. Albiet I was enjoying smoking, but that day some energy came to my mind which forced me to give a thought towards my babies health due to smoking. I decided to quit that day and believe me till now i didn't find and magical day or night wherein i felt craving for cigarette. Its a mind set and everyone can do this. If you have decided once that you won't smoke than its very difficult for a cigarette to reach your lungs and yes thats the power of baby inside womb.😊

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  • Happiness September 21, 2020 | 20:33
    It really can be as simple as that. Make up your mind. Desire the freedom and what ever reason you hold dear to close your mind against smoking. Enjoy holding and smelling your wonderful new baby. ....Congratulations on both counts.
  • New chapter September 23, 2020 | 3:38
    Congratulations on both parenting and stopping smoking Goldie,as happiness said,”it’s as simple as that!” Make your mind up to stop,programme your mindset,and battle any challenge as it comes,your baby will be smelling a fresh smelling dad instead of one who smells of stale cigarettes,well done mate for making the decision to stop.👍

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